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May 7, 2012 02:37 PM

Affordable Blended Scotch Whiskeys

Since a lot of single malts tend to be over the $30 and $40 range I've been looking into the blends. Anybody have recommendations? Perhaps independent bottlers or something that Binny's carries (since that the bottle store I tend to frequent).

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  1. Even Scotch blends tend to be expensive, but there are a few that might fit your bill. Looking at the Binny's website, here's what I would recommend in the $30 and under range.

    Of the big names, Famous Grouse is a nice blend that contains both Macallan and Highland Park for about $20, Grant's is also quite nice at $17 and Johnnie Black is perfectly decent at $27

    Getting more obscure, Pig's Nose is a nice blended malt (that is, it is composed only of single malts blended together with no grain whiskey) with Caol Ila and Linkwood as the primary components, meaning it's got some smoke to it. Binny's has it listed at $30.

    If you're looking for peat, Black Bottle is your choice, a nice, smoky blend for $19.

    1. Here is a lengthy, recent thread on this very topic:

      1. If you like the peaty whiskies from Islay and live near a Trader Joe's, you might want to try the Finlaggan single-malt they sell for around $19-$20.