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May 7, 2012 02:26 PM

[London] Drummond Street Restaurants

Hi all,

I'm spending a lot of time in the Euston area at the moment and am wondering about the South Indian places on Drummond St. They're pretty ignored on this board, so maybe I'll just do a schlep through them over the next few weeks. Are any of them particularly good? I'm a big East Ham fan and it would be incredibly handy to have South Indian closer than zone 3/4.

Thanks lots.

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  1. we go to Ravi Shankar's. Cheap and cheerful really. You get what you pay for. Stick to the buffet and it's a deal (about 7 quid and 7 days a week). It's not great, good enough so as we go back every few months. There is another place just down from it as you head towards Euston. This place I went to and would not go back. Really weird, all salads on the buffet and not Indian. Bhel Puri house at the end of Drummond st on the corner I haven't been to. It always looks empty.

    Apparently they are all owned by the same people with different chefs. Again, I would like to reiterate, this is by no means subtle or even proper south-indian cooking. When I've ordered off the menu and not the buffet I've been pretty dissappointed value for money-wise, but the lunch buffet satisfies a gap now and then.

    1. I am a fan of Raavi Kebab. Decor could hardly be worse, but they do a lovely nihari. Or you could just go for kebabs and paratha.

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        Me too - good nihari and very good seekh kebabs

      2. There's a vegetarian buffet place that I've been to a couple of times that'san OK lunch. Can't recall its name - about halfway down on the right, as you're heading away from Euston

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          I personally like Sizzling Bombay for a tasty and cheap meal. Love their biryanis - the dal or veg curry that accompanies it is v tasty. It looks like a fast food place (and also does kebabs) and you sit on benches. No frills but no complaints from me :)

        2. That place Diwana (I think it's called that, it's the one next to the Spice shop that sells EVERYTHING Indian) does a semi-decent dosa. Been there a couple of times. It hits that point of price and convenience and quality that I was ok to return. And try the West African Kitchen Gallery right opposite, decent veg grub there as well in fact.