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May 7, 2012 01:58 PM

North New Jersey suggestions please Willowbrook, Paramus, Verona area tomorrow

We will be in that area tomorrow . We would appreciate a casual, comfortable great food type place. Years ago we would go to E&V and loved it. However, the last two times the food was not up to par, our last visit was a year ago. Since we only make this trip once a year I want to make the most of our visit! Suggestions please for anything but Indian, Sushi or spicy food. All suggestions much appreciated.

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  1. You must try Avenue Bistro Pub in Verona on Bloomfield Ave. The chef won on "Chopped" on the Food Channel, and he's still getting it done.

    1. Another person I trust told me they highly recommend Rose Mediterranean in's the former Trattoria Fresco space on Bloomfield Ave, at the top of the hill east of Passaic Ave.

      1. Coldbeer and Curiz much thanks! I appreciate your prompt and helpful response.

        1. Frank Anthony's is flat out the best restaurant in Verona. Ave Bistro is good but FA's is better.

          Rose is good as well....

          Do yourself a favor and try the homemade mozzarella and pizza at FA's I promise you it will be good.

          1. How about Cheng Du in Willowbrook. Excellent Chinese food,