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May 7, 2012 01:51 PM

Summer 30th B'day Dinner - Westside-ish

I live in Orange County and am helping a friend find a location for her 30th birthday celebration. She wants to be a little more central to many of her friends and is looking for some Los Angeles options meeting as many of these criteria as possible.

Location - Westside between LAX and the Sepulveda Pass, Malibu included
Size - 20-30 adults
Cost - $35-$45/person (food only)
Date - a Saturday late afternoon, evening in July/August

Any cuisine is acceptable as long as Vegetarian options are available. She wants someplace with a separate room, or an area they can all be together.

Looking for some ideas I can pass on to her to help w/her planning. Thanks in advance for any recommendations you can offer.

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  1. Duke's in Malibu. I went to an outstanding wedding reception there.

    Napa Valley Grill in Westwood. My son's law school graduation luncheon was there. excellent.

    1. Westside Tavern has a very nice private room and is in your price range.

      1. Back to the Beach on the sand in Santa Monica would be a fun choice. They can do a private room and while its not Spago, their menu is diverse quality.

        1. Thanks for the recommendations laliz, wienermobile and Thor123. I've passed them along to my friend for her consideration. I'll let the 'hounds know what she decides and how it goes. Any more ideas out there are still welcome.

          1. Sunny Spot, Teato, Plan Check, Bar Hayama, 3110, MaKai, The Yard, Warszawa Patio...

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              I love Plan Check, one of my favorites, but where would you put 30 people? and for the Vegetarians there are only two salads they could even order and not one sandwich.Their fries are cooked in beef tallow. Mistake.