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May 7, 2012 01:32 PM

Looking for Bacon resources Portland Metro area (researched)

I'm trying to gather as much bacon as possible an upcoming for a tasting/class.

Currently I order Neuske's online and just got their applewood and cherrywood. I know that Zupan's sells Neuskes. (and have also bought it at Foster and Dobbs) I plan to get Carlton Farm bacon from New Seasons (I think?) and the house brand at Whole Foods.

I will stop by Chop to see if they have any available; does Laurelhurst Market or Olympic Provisions make their own?

I'm aware of Telurian's Maialino Red Wattle and Duroc, but have decided to not use them at this time.

I'm hoping some of you great Hounds will know the markets where I can get the goods!

Thank you.

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  1. Just wondering how long it usually takes to get an answer or suggestions here at Chowhound? Is it better to post on weekends? I've only recently begun trying to participate and I'm not sure if it's my question or tone or newbie status or something else? Perhaps I am making ettiquette errors? Or am I on the wrong board?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions--I'll wait patiently here, unless someone tells me where else to post this request.

    Thanks, everyone!

    1. Chop and LM used to sell Nueske's, don't know if they still do. I think they both make their own now. I bought some Sweet Briar Farms bacon from a farmers' market (think it was Hollywood) for about $9/lb and just had it this morning. I liked the thick cut and I liked that it wasn't that salty or smokey - very light cure.

      I have also driven out to in Cornelius (it's a nice drive, stop by the sakery or some wineries while you're headed out there ;o) and their bacon is delicious - saltier, smokier and more cured.

      I like both kinds, just depends what I am in the mood for...

      I'll bet Gartner's makes their own bacon too. Lots of folks who farm/sell pork at the farmers' markets also sell bacon. And I think that Tails & Trotters (soon to open next to Cheese Bar on SE Belmont) makes bacon.

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      1. re: JillO

        JillO, thanks for your reply. It helps a lot! I'll check the Farmer's Mkts and look forward to going out Cornelius for that trip

        I've got both apple and cherry-wood smoked Neuskes now and bought the Carlton Farms at Sheridan. (They sell good looking Carlton ends and pieces there, too.) They also had a brand called Dailies, I think, so I got a bit of that, too.

        Gartners seemed a little game-y to me--maybe it was a bit off. Chop's was good, but they don't always have it and told me sometimes it doesn't turn out right.

        Great news about the Tails and Trotters opening--I saw their chops at Laurelhurst Mkt and wished I was in the market for them then!

        By the way, I had posted a second note asking if I had written my request clearly or if my tone was odd or something. I also was wondering if out-of-town guests take priority in responses (makes senses since they've got time limitations and we want them to have a good trip :).
        I wasn't trying to hurry anyone, but was trying to find out how long it normally takes to get a reply.

        Somehow I don't see the post now. Do moderators remove questions like that for space purposes or other reasons?

        Anyway, you gave me some wonderful direction and I appreciate your time! Thank you.

        1. re: formerbarista

          fb, I see your post right above mine. They collapse, so click on the red "expand all" to see them all.

          I am guessing that folks just didn't have any responses for you. This board is not as active as's boards. Most folks have had enough of responding to tourists and have flown the coop. I have to say, I am not sure why I even keep coming back here, though I do feel a bit of nostalgia and connection as Chowhound was my first online food community (when I lived in NYC - those boards are way more active still).

          FWIW, I waited to respond to your post because I hadn't tried that Sweet Briar Farms bacon until yesterday, though I bought it on Sat. so I could let you know what I thought about it. ;o)

          1. re: JillO

            Awesome response...Thanks for all your help.
            I'm eager to try the Sweet Briar Farms bacon, too!

            I'll check out the's boards--see you there!

            btw, the class went great and we made tons of different bacon dishes and had a 'serious' bacon tasting, as well. Your support much appreciated!

          2. re: formerbarista

            Maybe you should try making your own. It's not rocket science. I just tried Briarwood Farms from the Milwaukie farmers mkt and it was quite good.. However I prefer a back bacon, not a streaky bacon and for some reason prefer my own. Smoke cure is a great way to hide the inherent flavor of the cure. Good luck.

            1. re: jmikey

              Thanks, jmikey! I'll try the Briarwood Farms. Not sure I'm brave enough to make my own bacon yet, but I feel it looming on the horizon!

        2. The original comment has been removed