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May 7, 2012 01:07 PM

Celebratory weekday lunch near Lincoln Center with grandparents in tow

I'm never on the UWS and am stumped. I need a weekday lunch res for 7 that is not "too expensive" (grandparents aren't paying but dad says the won't like it if it seems very expensive) not "too fancy" (again dad says grandparents won't like it if it feels too fancy) has several pasta and fish options (yup, grandparents keep kosher and aren't that adventurous) that will also be good enough to please me since it's my special occasion. Italian is always the easiest option with them.

Ciano and ABC Kitchen seem perfect minus the location (need to be further uptown I'm told). The menu at Telepan looks good but I've read some mixed things on the boards. Have also considered but not jumped at Landmarc, Boulud Sud. Even considered just dumping the whole idea and going to a pizza place or going to get lox and bagels but think I need somewhere comfortable for everyone to be.

Having trouble defining our price range since I'm not paying nor are my grandparents (and because I'm not accustomed to dining out for lunch) but I think the 20-30 pre fixe range is about where we're at. Any suggestions?

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  1. I think Boulud Sud is your best option, Nougatine also has a 3 course lunch deal for $32.

    1. Lincoln's lunch is $32 for 2 courses. A bit more expensive but the food is very, very tasty!! Not to mention the gorgeous dining space and open kitchen!
      Here's my posting of a recent luncheon

      1. Would everyone be most comfortable at Barney Greengrass? Just a thought. I could understand if you wouldn't find it enough of a special occasion place, though.

        1. I'm concerned that Boulud Sud and Nougatine don't have enough options for them and that the room at the Lincoln might seem to upscale (maybe I'm wrong on this?) I'm not opposed to Barney Greengrass (I'd though of it but is there likely to be space to sit? I've never been there in person) and that might be where we have to end up, although closer to Lincoln Center would be better...

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            Lincoln seems too upscale for your purpose.

            Barney Greengrass is more of a diner atmosphere. They have a dining room attached to the takeout area.

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              I thought of Jean Georges, which is not far from Lincoln Center and has some delicious fish dishes (like that skate in Chateau Chalon sauce - I believe I have that remembered right), but it's a bit beyond your budget.

              Edit: Hmmmm...Skate is not kosher. If you decide to go, check their menu online for dishes with different kinds of fish, etc. But the good thing about their prix fixe is that you can have any 2 dishes on their menu for the price, so it gives you a lot more flexibility than most prix fixes.

              1. re: Pan

                Thanks so much for all the suggestions! I just was informed of another glitch in the plan, we also have a time crunch. At this point I'm throwing up my hands and I think we're just going to hit Barney Greengrass or Patsy on 74th (we're coming from the Beacon Theatre) and treat another meal as the celebratory one. Oh well.

                1. re: lucyj

                  I'm sure it won't be bad, and it sounds like that might make your grandparents happier.

            2. What's more important, price, or having fish and vegetarian pasta options? By their very nature, most lunch prix fixe menus won't have more than 1 fish dish and more than 1 vegetarian pasta dish. You'll get 3-4 options for each course often.

              If you can spend more, A Voce might work. Lots of vegetables on ther menu, too.