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May 7, 2012 12:33 PM

good restaurants near Rue de Tolbiac in the 13th (in August) ?

We will be attending a week-long conference near the Rue de Tolbiac in the 13th at the end of August. Do you have any suggestions for good restaurants nearby that might be open? (Suggestions in all price ranges are welcome.) Thanks!

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  1. Can you be a bit more specific about location? rue Tolbiac is a long street with lots of different moods/ characters.... suggestions for, say, the Butte aux Cailles are no good at all if you are marooned in the new Bibliothèque Mitterand quartier

    1. The conference site is Rue Hélène Brion 75013 Paris. Restaurants near there would be very helpful.

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        Ooh it certainly is out in the sticks. Beyond the Grande Bibliothèque, near the former Grands Moulins... Can't think of a restaurant there. It's all new things like brasseries and pubs.

        If you reach the boulevard Massena and walk up beyond rue de Patay, there's the excellent Laotian restaurant called Lao Viet. The Asian neighborhood is a bit further but that's a bit of a walk.

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          Ooo, there's really no there there.
          Is taking a metro back into civilization not an option?

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          (adding another "P" to the pod of replies)
          Actually, there are two surprisingly good restaurants (run by young chefs out to make a name) in walking distance... both are unbearably hip, almost counter-culturish but tolerant to anyone from another "tribe"... 1) le Batofar, a boat moored on a Seine quayside just in front of the Grande Bibliothèque. A sort of arts/ club complex but for all its hipness the restaurant's cuisine is wonderfully refined. Maybe a little too popular with the tattoo set at night but lovely for lunch. 2) la Maison des Frigos on the rue des Frigos but a little difficult to find in an artsy residential complex/ former wharehouse. Lunch only and only open 3 or 4 days a week (and god knows when those are). But soooo good.

          If hip and modern is too intimidating, you can try Café Cartouche on rue de Bercy and the Auberge Aveyronnaise on the rue Gabriel-Lamé. Both in Bercy on the other side of the Seine via the Pont Tolbiac. About a kilometre/ 15-min walk from rue Hélène-Brion. Café Cartouche has the better food (and fab value at lunch) and the Auberge A is the more fun (if you can overlook the fake country inn recreated in a modern building) and has a Bib Michelin.

          If worse comes to worst (and I'm feeling humiliated at the thought of seeming to recommend these places but the immediate neighbourhood is so dreary foodwise that even the mediocre seems not so mediocre), there are a couple of formula restaurants on the rue Maria-Andrée Lagroua-Weill-Halle (what a mouthful!) around the corner from you: Hippopotamus (a popular chain) and Fish & Food. Nothing to write home about but bearable for a quick lunch. Food is somewhat better at Fish & Food but decor/ ambiance is boring.

          1. re: Parnassien

            Batofar and Café Cartouche are excellent recs. I hadn't realized that they were within a stroll. We scoped out Batofar shortly after it opened. The quai is a pleasant promenade and I imagine that in warm weather the venue would be a delightful relief.

        3. We would be happy to take a bus or the metro to a restaurant. Any bib gourmand type restaurants not too far away by bus or metro? (Many of the people in the conference will never have been to Paris and they may not have ever eaten French food.) Where do you suggest we take them?

          Also, do you know of any good cafes within walking distance for a small lunch?