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May 7, 2012 11:43 AM

Lobster at The Palm in WeHo

Has anyone been lately? We were big fans for many years, but the last time we went (almost a year ago), the lobster was just plain bad. It was overcooked (burned, really) bad that the manager said he had to take a chisel to it in order to even get the meat out of the claw. They cooked new lobsters for us, and while they were better, they still weren't great.

I'm on the fence. Do I try again, and chalk it up to a bad night? Or do I stay away, and simply mourn the passing of what used to be my favorite place for lobster? It's expensive, so I'm a little nervous about taking the risk!

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  1. My son just had a 3 pounder at the Water Grill that was wonderful.

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    1. re: wienermobile

      My last lobster experience at The Palm was also dreadful. Have not returned. My husband had the steak which was also a disappointment.

      1. re: maudies5

        A couple of weeks ago, our "steamed" lobster was great. Ask them to prepare it this way, much better!

    2. I had a 4lber there in January that was terrific.