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May 7, 2012 11:00 AM

Looking for a good cookout location in DC

I'm graduating soon, and I would really like to have a cookout to celebrate. The only place that I can think of to accommodate the amount of guests that I'd like to invite (50-60) is Haines point. Does anyone know of another area with lots of space or picnic tables and (I'm probably pushing it here) a decent view, either within the city or in the nearby suburbs? Thanks!

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    1. There are numerous picnic areas in Rock Creek Park that might handle a group that size. I believe you have to reserve larger spaces but not sure how that is done. should have basic information on getting reservations in the park.

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        2nd -Rock Creek Park - watch out for the deer when driving late in the evening

      2. View of what? Great Falls on the Maryland side is nice. Battery Kemble Park, maybe Glen Echo. My personal favorite is Gambrill State Park near Frederick, MD. You can rent the Tea Room on top of Braddock Mountain for about $200. The view is spectacular.