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May 7, 2012 10:45 AM

Kosher in Greenwich, CT?

Are there any kosher places open late (after 8:30 pm) in Greenwich, CT or nearby, or is Riverdale the best option?
Thank you!

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  1. The closest options is probably Kosh, in Stamford (open until 10, ). As far as I know, there are no kosher restaurants in Greenwich at all, although various places will deliver there.

    1. These are your options in Stamford (one town over from Greenwich):

      Baskin Robbins Stamford
      Beldotti Bakery 605 Newfield Ave., Stamford (203)348-9029
      Carvel/Cinnabon 1980 W. Main St. Stamford (203)569-7910
      Cafe Stam 1035 Newfield Ave. Stamford (203)329-6626 (Catering also available
      )Coldstone Creamery 1109 High Ridge Road, Stamford (203)487-7400
      Dairy Queen 885 Summer St. Stamford (203)348-9147
      KOSH 108 Prospect Street Stamford (203)614-8777 http://www.itskosh.
      com Joint certification provided with OU
      Navaratna Vegetarian Indian Restaurant 133 Atlantic Street, Stamford (203)348-1070
      Schakolad 172 Bedford St. Stamford (203)359-1886

      There's also New Rochelle, which has chinese, deli-ish (Grill Point), and pizza.

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      1. re: craigcep

        Kosher Cinnabon? Or just Carvel? And kosher Coldstone and Dairy Queen all in one town? Or are they kosher everywhere?

        1. re: emacat

          I cut and pasted from the Vaad of Fairfield website. See here - I don't know about anything specific on the list (except KOSH).

          This chocolate place is also kosher. It's in Greenwich -

      2. Late night kosher and you're thinking Riverdale?

        Golan Heights falafel in Washington Heights (seconds from Route 95) is open until about 2am. The falafel is great - and you may have seen the interior on a Maccabests video. The famished youth of the Jewish people drive in from New Jersey and the Five Towns after midnight, I would have thought that it would be the logical solution for midnight munchies in Greenwich.

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        1. re: AdinaA

          I clearly need to get out more!

          1. re: emacat

            My husband and I wound up having Cinnabon for a snack. They were gooey and good, and the idea of having a kosher Cinnabon was really priceless.
            Then for dinner met a friend at Kosh. I had a hamburger, which was delicious; my husband had a salad the name of which he does not remember (maybe chef's salad?), but he enjoyed it. There was cornbread and honey before the meal; the service was great. We got there about an hour before they close and stayed for about two hours. They were amazingly accomodating, even after their scheduled closing time.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Thinking of planning an overnight, or 3 day trip to do some sightseeing in the Hartford area. Haven't
            done any research yet, or even looked at a map.
            Are any of the eating destinations mentioned above - Stamford, Riverdale, Washington Heights, New Rochelle -
            a close enough drive to make sense for us?

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            1. re: Bzdhkap

              Hartford is about an 1-1.5 hours from Stamford, the closest of your options. If you're in Hartford, you aren't going to any of those cities for a meal.

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                Waterbury ct, 1/2 hour from Hartford, has a pizza store/grocery (near the yeshiva)
                and a glatt kosher chinese takeout concession in the Shoprite

                1. re: berel

                  I should add that West Hartford has a kosher supermarket (Crown, though not everyone accepts the hashgacha) and a Big Y with a kosher takeout. THere's also a deli in nearby Bloomfield -

                  See here -