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May 7, 2012 10:25 AM

Romantic and Best Restaurants in Melbourne, Australia, May 21-29

Romantic and Best Restaurants in Melbourne, Australia, May 21-29, 2012
My wife and I will be going to Melbourne from May 21-29. Does anyone have any restaurants recommendations? We will also be celebrating our anniversary so if someone could recommend options for lunch and dinner as well as a special dinner, I would appreciate it. For part of the trip, our kids will be there. Can anyone recommend some family-friendly places as well. Thanks.

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  1. Which of the restaurants on this Board that people have recommended previously did you like the sound of, and what was it you liked about them? Similarly, what didn't you like?

    For the anniversary meal, what would make it 'special'?

    1. Donovans on the beach at St Kilda is great for lunch. A table by the window and you see views over the bay - that would even work on the coldest of days

      1. There are some great recs on this board for Melbourne you should go though.

        My pick for a romantic (and pricey for worth it!!) dinner would be Jacques Reymond or Ezard - both glorious, degustation-y places. There menus are online for you to peruse to see if they are to your taste.

        Mr Wolf is very family friendly, especially for an early dinner - there's kids everywhere!! Kid friendly menu and staff.

        Have a lovely time in Melbourne.