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May 7, 2012 10:12 AM

Salads in Broward County

Who has the best variety and well made salads in Broward Coumty? Sometimes a salad is all that's needed for a great lunch or dinner. Eat in or take out. Your thoughts?

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  1. I feel bad that nobody has commented on this point. Everyone seems to be searching for BBQ, Cuban and fish tacos.
    My personal favorite is the Cypress Salad at J Alexander's with fried chicken tenders, pecans, avocado, corn bread croutons, cheese, tomatoes and ranch. At $14 it's a little pricey for salad but it's always great. The Mason Jar serves a grilled salmon salad with a piece of fish that rivals most places dinner portion. For a good Caesar I'm going to D'Angelo's pizza. Houston's serves a wonderful, tropical ahi tuna salad.

    1. There is a Salad Bowl and Deli on E. Broward Blvd that's pretty decent. The deli looks like a fast food restaurant but the choices are plenty. Portions are nice and big for the price. Many office workers go there for salads during the lunch hour so it's best to avoid it during the rush hour.

      1. Chima, on East Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale, probably better known for it's meat-atarian proclivities, has an excellent salad bar, with all manner of things salady and vegetabley. If you opt for just the salad bar, and not the meat-a-rama, the AYCE price is considerably reduced.

        1. what is this salad thing you speak of??