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May 7, 2012 09:28 AM

Nice Italian for tourists and a toddler?

Hi, we're taking out-of-town friends out on Friday night - a couple with sophisticated tastes as well as a rambunctious toddler. They would like a nice Italian place, preferably somewhere in lower Manhattan (Union Square, Tribeca, West Village). Would love recommendations for a memorable meal where a toddler would be welcome. Maybe someplace with an outdoor garden or other nice setting? Or at least with tables spread apart enough so we won't bother neighboring diners. Food should also be great but we are not expecting Babbo!

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    1. Otto is full of rambunctious college students. Probably a rambunctious toddler would feel right at home unless she found herself outrambuctioused.

      Morandi would also work well. In nice weather, they have a wide sidewalk out front with outdoor seating. I see a lot of strollers parked by tables, there, and the staff tends to be very nice and tolerant of children (and dogs). It's a little more low-key than Otto.