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May 7, 2012 09:12 AM

Galangal / galanga plants - any interest?

My galangal plants are outgrowing their pots again, and I'm getting ready to trim them back. If there's any interest from local chowhounds, I could repot some of the rhizomes and give them away. This plant grows like mad in our climate, even a brown thumb like me can keep it alive. There's nothing like fresh galangal for your tom kha gai!

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    1. I would be happy to have some as well!
      Can we figure out a place to meet?

      1. I live in Davie and work in Ft. Lauderdale (across the street from Silver Pond,) we can meet anyplace in between during the week... I'll anticipate that there will be some interest (good news!,) and I'll pot a few cuttings tonight if time allows.

        1. would love some but am in PBC - Boca Delray

          1. Ok, I have a few plants split off the main one, contact me via my gmail address (chris33328) to make arrangements to pick up. The offer stands for any local chowhounds who want a plant, as long as supplies last :)

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              It's kind of you to offer and I would love some galangal, but I am in Pinecrest below Coral Gables. It might be easier for me to jump the fence at Fairchild with a shovel.