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May 7, 2012 08:46 AM

Where to buy mini bottle of champagne or prosecco?

We're looking for a store in or around Boston that sells mini bottle of champagne or prossco which we can re-label and use as wedding favors. Any help?

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  1. Most larger liquor stores will sell or can get you 'splits' (half bottles) of most any wine or bubbly. Martignetti's is large and has an excellent wine dept.

    1. if you want at least 1 case, any decent sized store will order it for you. call your local.

      some producers actually make 1/4 bottles now which restaurants sell as "by the glass" options. this totally eliminates waste because they don't go flat. mionetto, piper-heidsick and cordoniu come to mind.

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        I think you can get Freixenet cava in those 1/4 bottles too.

      2. murray's in newton center sells half-bottles of prosecco and champagne.

        1. Martignetti on Soldier's Field has what you're looking for. I'm pretty sure other big liquor stores have 'em too. You can buy one little bottle or many, no need to order a case.

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          1. re: katzzz

            if it's a normal inventory item, then no, you won't need to order a case. for a special order, it's easier by case-lots.