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May 7, 2012 08:46 AM

Deciding between Mesa Grill, Spago, and Mon Ami Gabi... NEED HELP!!!

Greetings fellow chowhounders!

I am going to Vegas sometime in the next month and have narrowed down most of my restaurants. I want to decide on my last dinner between these three. I was wondering out of these three, which has the best food and which has the best atmosphere.

I am having trouble deciding and need help. A full analysis would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. only been to mesa grill out of those but really enjoyed it

    1. I've only been to Mon Ami but enjoyed it. Outside seating is the most sought after but it was hot so we opted for the bar. Bartender (Erica) was attentive and pleasant. She genuinely seems to enjoy her job. I had the seafood crepe. Now, coming from Boston I wondered how seafood would be and I was not dissapointed. Seared scallops were cooked perfectly lightly caramalized on top, shrimp was cooked properly as well. It was a very relaxing dinner which we enjoyed after a long flight.

      1. I have not been to Spago but will be going in June. Between Mesa Grill and Mom Ami Gabi that's a no brainer. We've been to Mom Ami Gabi for brunch and while it was really cute, the food quality just wasn't up to par when there are so many other choices on the strip. The Mesa Grill was unreal. Southwestern fare for that much money had me a little nervous at first but it was just absolutely delicious. Every bite of food was an experience. My waiter explained to me that they almost had a Michelin star but did not receive it as it is located in a Casino. Try the prickly pear Margaritas when you get there. (If you drink)

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          "My waiter explained to me that they almost had a Michelin star but did not receive it as it is located in a Casino."
          Your waiter was -- to put it delicately -- confused. Back when Michelin was rating restaurants in Las Vegas, virtually every starred restaurant was in a casino.

          If memory serves, Mesa Grill got a star early on. However, a list I've kept shows that by 2009 Mesa had no star. That doesn't speak well of the restaurant.

        2. I love Mesa Grill and try to at least have lunch there when I am in Vegas. My favorite thing there is the burger...just absolutely delicious!

          1. I guess I'm the exception here. I ate at Mesa once and it was overwhelmingly mediocre and bland. Factor in the price and it was very bad. Mon Ami Gabi is fine and I haven't been to the vegas Spago,

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              You are not alone. The two times I've been to Mesa Grill, the only element that impressed me was the bread basket.

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                  I'd be a useless source: at there once, more than ten years ago, with a different chef at a time when it was a less ambitious restaurant.

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                    We had reservations at Mesa Grill 8 years ago for my birthday. After looking at the menu we left and ate at Spago. The food was very good but the restaurant was very quiet and formal. On the other hand Mon Ami Gabi is fun, lively, and the scallops and chicken Frites are fantastic. The outdoor seating is a bonus but I usually eat at the bar.