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May 7, 2012 08:08 AM

Green smoothies?

Hi all,

I'm not on any special diet other than a weight loss diet (ahem. What can I say? I love food and don't so much love sweat...).

Have started to drink protein smoothies for breakfast, and found it quite a helpful habit to have. Not really missing out on good stuff, because breakfast is my least interesting meal of the day anyway. And I can pack in a LOT of good stuff: besides my protein powder, typically a couple of cups of spinach or kale or other leafy green, and a banana or some frozen fruit.

I am quite happy to stick with this, but if any of you have green smoothie ideas that you really like, I'd love to hear about them!

Note that because I am rather weight-reduction focused right now, I will tend (only tend - not so strict) to prefer the smoothies that are full of water and ice cubes, rather than, for example, peach nectar or mango puree.

smiles and thanks!

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  1. This is my typical. Makes quite a bit so I'll usually have it for breakfast and afternoon snack.

    1 orange, peeled
    3 or 4 cups of fresh spinach
    3 or 4 dates OR a banana
    a cup of strawberries OR a whole kiwi, peeled
    a couple spoonfuls of avocado OR coconut butter
    water to blend

    1. Since your profile says you're from NYC, thought I'd offer up suggestions for a couple of local store-bought options. My personal favorite is Organic Avenue's Green Monkey Smoothie- kale, banana, and coconut water are the 3 main ingredients. Really delicious (slightly sweet) and low in calories. I also recently had a kale-centric "shake" at Miss Lily's in the West Village that was more hearty than OA's, but a nice healthy meal if you happen to be in the neighborhood.

      Here's a link to my recent blog post about the 2 with a bit more info in case you're interested:

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        Thank you all! Pantz, I did live in NYC... a couple of years ago. I don't any more, so I wasn't aware of either Organic Avenue or Miss Lily's. Happily, though, I get back fairly often. So I'll go try these places out! Thank you for the heads up!

      2. some helpful discussions:

        i personally always add a dollop of nut or coconut butter or avocado to mine. the fat keeps you satisfied longer.

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          1. Adding citrus fruits for the acids really helps you to digest your greens. Often times I find I pack so much green goodness into a cup that it comes out the same as it goes in, and I want to make sure I am not just consuming the stuff and that my body is actually taking up the nutrients.

            Other than that, savor every sip. I always swish mine around a bit before I send it down, just to make sure that I get my saliva in there. I'm not sure how well we digest things that have already been broken down for us by the blender, and I know at the beginning I used to slurp them down so fast I'd get a little sick. I would, over time, try and see if you can ditch the protein powder unless you are working out.

            This is what I drank this morning;

            1/2 bunch spinach (i put this in because it has a hormone that stimulates muscle growth/repair!)
            4-5 stalks of kale
            2 oranges (should probably use more)
            3 bananas
            frozen peaches, strawberries, mangoes (probably more than 1cup each, I just put almost a whole bag of them in or a half depending on what flavors I want to come out stronger)
            and then purified or distilled water til it's nice and full

            always organic if you can afford it!

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            1. re: dddanieljjjamesss

              (i put this in because it has a hormone that stimulates muscle growth/repair!)

              FYI if you're talking about phytoedysteroids, the research is really sparse, and the studies that indicated increased protein synthesis and muscle strength used highly concentrated/powerful extracts (isolated from more than 2 lbs of spinach). they also showed a reduction in plasma testosterone levels. so while it's certainly a healthful and tasty addition to your smoothie, i wouldn't set your expectations too high for the muscle growth/repair benefits of 1/2 cup of spinach ;)

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                Boy, that's enough sugar to put me into a post meal coma!