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May 7, 2012 07:11 AM

Wine Bistro Near Airport?

I ate at a great little restaurant in Las Vegas about 3 years ago that I'm trying to find while I'm here this week. These are the details I remember about it - it was near the airport, not attached to any hotel, specialized in wine, had a European bistro feel to it, had great food. I think it may have been in a strip mall but not positive. And I seem to remember it had numbers in the name, but again, not positive. I'm on a business trip and would love to find it, or something like it. I'm staying at South Point, so being easy to get to from here without having to deal with Strip traffic is a plus.

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  1. Panevino is a wine-centric Italian restaurant on Sunset just east of LV blvd. It's a freestanding restaurant not located in a strip mall, but it is just south of the runways. No numbers in the name, but it is a power lunch sort of place.
    I can't think of much else that matches your description.
    Maybe it might be a place in Town Square that I'm not aware of?

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          Here is a link that will provide you with a photo of Table 34, the menu and wine list:

      1. I don't think Table 34 is it but it looks like it would fit the bill and be worth a try. Thanks for your suggestions!

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          the other plce that occurs to me is Todd's in Henderson; it is relatively close to the airport and is a pretty wine centric place; also is in a strip mall (not that that is that much of an identifying factor in LAS).