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GOOD breakfast and dinner food in Nags Head?

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Leaving June 6th for Milepost 15 in Nags Head for a week.Anyone had good experiences with restaurants that serve good country breakfast or seafood dinner meals? If you have and don't mind sharing it would be appreciated? We know Capt.George's is a must for one dinner meal.

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  1. I can't speak for breakfast.

    But for dinner Tortuga's Lie and Mama Kwans are both really good.

    1. Sam and Omie's is a good breakfast place. As is Henry's in KDH.

      Also, Outer banks is in NC, so this should be on the Southeast board.

      1. Since you are going to be there for a week, pick a nice blue day to head over to

        wanchese nc. They have a small seafood restaurant over there. The food is good but the view is exceptional.

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          What is the name of the restaurant?

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            I honestly do not know the name. I believe they have a sign out on the main drag before you turn down that road. Just stay on the main road until you see the bay and the harbor. There is only one restaurant and it is right on the water. Zoom in on this map. A click or two you will see Wanchese. From there keep zooming in to the bottom right. The road basically ends right after the restaurant.


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                Have you eaten there and agree with supernc on the good food served there ?

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                  it's okay...certainly not the best on the beach. I would eat at Daryl's in Manteo or Lone Cedar before Queen Anne's Revenge.

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              Looks like Fisherman's Wharf on 345. Look for the white area on the posted map link.

          2. The dinner highlight of our trip last year was the Kill Devil Grill. Wonderful food. http://www.thekilldevilgrill.com/

            1. Have you been to Capt. George's? I'm always skeptical of buffets but they do seem to have lots of variety. How's the quality?

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                We went 2yrs.ago while vacationing in Nags Head. It was rather new then.Food was delicious,restaurant very clean and excellent service.Had to wait about 30 mins. to be seated but it was well worth it.

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                  Kill Devil Grill, Blue Moon Beach Grill. KDG was awesome...we ate there twice!!!

              2. Tortuga's Lie is a small place we will not miss every time we go out there.

                A nice nice $$$$ place is Lone Cedar on the causeway on the way out there. Senator Basnight (NC) owns it. Top notch dinning.

                1. Nags Head Pier has a good breakfast as well as Sam n' Omie's. For seafood, I would avoid the frozen stuff at Captain George's and hit Owen's instead...been here for 75 years and a real jewel. Kill Devil Grill is great as is The Black Pelican in Kitty Hawk. Also, it's worth a short drive to Duck to hit the Blue Point for a real terrific dining experience.

                  This is an old post, but some good info.: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/360805

                  1. I'll throw out another rec. for Kill Devil Grill, Tortuga's Lie, and Mama Kwan's. If you want some Mexican food I like Outer Banks Taco Bar. http://obxtacobar.com/
                    I was never a fan of La Fogata.

                    1. If you are renting a house & plan on cooking a few meals there, buy your seafood from Carawan's Seafood Company. It's in Kitty Hawk on N Croatan Hwy, about 10-15 minute drive north of Nags Head. The seafood is fresh & the prices can't be beat. We always buy our seafood from there & have never been disappointed!! Have a great time!

                      1. You must go to Stack em High Pancakes for breakfast! It is a must for our family every year. Great country breakfast, best waffels ever. We love it so much we go every day the week we are in obx. We like the one at MP 8 .