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May 7, 2012 03:56 AM

Mom's Day Present - Tour of Jersey's Farmers Markets and Ethnic Supermarkets

My mom can spend all day shopping at different farmers' markets and ethnic supermarkets. This year, I want to put together a tour for my mom of new places she can check out near our home in northern New Jersey. (We're based in the Meadowlands area.)

I want to bring her to places she's never been before. As a result, I can't include the following:
- H Mart: LIttle Ferry and Fort Lee
- "Little Manila" in Jersey City, NJ
- East West Market - Bloomfield, NJ
- A&J Seabra Supermarket - Newark, NJ

Since we're Filipino, a majority of the above are Asian stores, but my mom loves coming across grocery stores with different ethnic offerings. As you can tell, we also don't know of many farmers' markets in the northern Jersey area.

Can someone help provide recommendation to make this a wonderful tour for my momma? :)

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  1. Highly Recommended ----

    European Provisions
    301 Old Bridge Turnpike
    East Brunswick NJ
    (Google for more info)

    1. If the weather is good and you want a nice drive in the country, I would suggest the Warwick, NY farmers market:

      1. Mitsuwa in Edgewater for Japanese
        Nouri or Fattals for middle eastern in Paterson
        Glatt Express in Teaneck for Kosher or Butterflake on Cedar lane for Kosher bakery
        Jerry's in Englewood for Italian, especially cheeses

        1. Have not been, but my fellow food's teacher raves about Terri Lee in Maywood for Thai, Viet ingredients
          -Terri Lee Co Oriental Groceries. (201) 843-7919. 225 Maywood Ave. Maywood

          If your mom's into gardening & food, I just saw this Asian plant center on Ruth Reichel's new PBS show. It's in Riveredge and I can't wait to go there myself
          Bhatia Nurseries 844 Kinderkamack Road River Edge, NJ 07661

          I love Islelin, Edison's Oak Tree road for it's Little India...multitude of grocery shops including cookware

          Farmers Markets:
          If and when Tenafly opens up, it's one of my favorites with lots of really really beautiful produce

          Ramsey and Piermont- also both good markets with lots of selection

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            Tenafly FM will not be open till the 20th of may (but yay! it's opening)