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May 6, 2012 08:11 PM

Post 11pm dining suggestions & of course critique my food itinerary

I'm playing food tourist for the next week while the wife is attending a trade show so I'm looking for some late night dining options preferably that are more than just bars with a few snacks and preferably not in the more drunk part of the FQ and that have seafood or veggie options as she doesn't eat land creatures. We are staying in the lower garden district and have a car or can taxi anywhere we need to go.

While she's working away, I'm getting my chow on.

here's the itinerary
Atchafalaya- went there years ago and loved it
Cochon- Thursday
La Petite Grocery
MiLa- Saturday
Domenica- monday or tuesday
Lilette- Wednesday
Gautreau's-monday or tuesday

Green Goddess

Any other places I should try?

most of them will be solo dining except for a group meal that's already planned for Cochon & dinners witht the wife at MiLa & La Petite Grocery. Do I still need to get a reservation for solo dining at Gautreau's. Also I'm used to the more causal dress style of NYC and San Francisco and didn't bring even a sports coat with me. Will that be a problem for any of the above? I remember wearing a suit when I went to Commander's as a kid. I brought pants as I know a couple of them don't allow shorts. I prefer quality of food over atmosphere and more modern food to traditional.

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  1. I would've brought a sport coat for Commander's and August at least. (Well, if I were a man.) It's been a while since I've been to Commander's so I don't know (also, never had to think about it on account of wearing dresses), but there and at August they're used to tourists, so....yeah. But yes to real pants everywhere but maybe Green Goddess, and perhaps Domenica and Cochon.

    As far as real sit down kinda places open late, I really like Maurepas in the Bywater which is open till midnight every day but Wednesday, and there's also Root in the warehouse district which is open till 11 during the week but 2 am on the weekends (but 9pm Sundays). I'm not sure what time the Delachaise on St. Charles stops serving food, but I think it's at least until midnight as well.

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      thanks for the suggestions. Went to Green Goddess today for lunch and people were dressed extremely casually. The hostess at Cochon laughed when I asked if jackets were preferred. Picked up a blazer for August and Commander's.

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        Do you even need a jacket at lunch???

        1. re: ncara

          A jacket isn't required for lunch according to the hostess but pants are as well as no t-shirts and flip-flop but the hostess also said they appreciate people who do wear suits. I've switched up my plans as I've been making reservations and I'm going to Commander's for dinner now.

          Also went to Cochon tonight (food was good especially the pork cheeks, the grits were better at green goddess, the oysters and bacon wrapped gizzards were good but the crawfish boulettes weren't as good as others I've had) and for our group dinner we are going to Domenica as there are vegetarians in the group.

          really no need to worry about dressing at cochon, there were folks in t-shirts, flipflop and shorts at dinner.