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May 6, 2012 07:39 PM

Best grocery store? Seafood, cheese, bulk products

I have to go shipping tomorrow and need to know where to go since I an new to the city. I will be taking a friend with me who uses food stamps, but haas some dietary concerns. I need somewhere with a good selection of produce, fresh seafood, and cheeses cheese. I would also like a place with a bulk foodd selection for things like herbs, beans, etc. I know whole foods had a good reputation, but I don't know which is best. There are a lot in manhattan. Or is there a better store out there besides while foods?

SoMy question is which whole foods (or other store) is best for

Bulk foods?

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  1. If you are asking which Whole Foods is best, I don't think there's much of a difference between them for the products you're looking for (I've been to Union Square, Tribeca, Chelsea, Bowery & Columbus Circle). I usually go to the Union Square branch, because it's convenient to Trader Joe's and the greenmarket. Note also that many of the greenmarket vendors accept EBT - see here for info:

    The Union Square Whole Foods has bulk bins with beans, grains, nuts, etc. (but no herbs). The produce and cheese selection is good. I buy most of my seafood at the greenmarket since Whole Foods is expensive for fish, and not that interesting.

    1. I don't know which neighborhood you are looking at ... that said, Fairway's bulk selection is often much cheaper than Whole Foods (I just recently blanched at the $6.99/lb farro at WF when it's $3.99/lb at Fairway!). If you do go to Fairway, Citarella is right next door and they are known for their fish. And the West 97th Street greenmarket takes EBT. Now that it's May, all of the farmers ought to be back (not just the winter ones). Good luck.

      1. For bulk foods, I've found the UWS Whole Foods at 97th street and Columbus Avenue to have the best selection. The Columbus Circle bulk section is paltry in comparison.

        1. Tribeca WF also has a great bulk food selection.

          But really, I'd just go with whichever is convenient because I don't think the differences between the store justifies going out of your way.