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Places to get good Seafood in MA, NH, or Maine coasts?

Hey Guys,
I'm graduating college in two weeks and I'm taking a trip with my family the next day to get some great seafood on the coast north of boston. I can go anywhere on the MA coast north of Boston, NH, or Maine up till the Portland area. A lot of the seafood places that I've been to in New England (in Boston area or Kennebunk) have been fairly tourist-trappy, and I really want to find something really good and also authentic. Does anyone have recommendations?


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  1. Fishermans catch in Wells, Maine

    Kens Seafood in Scarborough, Maine

    Beach Plum something or other in North Hampton NH

    Clam Box, Ipswich Mass

    As far as coastal NH, Als/Peteys/Beach Plum et al. are ALL tourist traps, but decent.
    Kennebunk Maine - Nunan's lobster Hut
    Kennebunkport / Cape Porpoise Chowder House *we LOVED this place. We were the only out of towners and discovred it by accident, it is at the end of a road on the water, you sit on the deck and watch the boats go by...excellent seafood!

    1. Can you be more specific? Do you want a seafood shack/fried clam type place or a more formal sit down restaurant?

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        I was looking for something we can do for lunch - so not a super nice sit down place - but not a fast-food type place where everything is fried.

      2. I'd suggest posting on the northern new england board and also searching there for NH and Maine. There is lots on this board for north shore Mass. Have a great time and please post back about what you liked!

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          Thanks - I will. This is my first chowhound post so I wasn't aware of the northern new england forum. Will report back.

        2. I would second Fisherman's Catch in Wells, ME. You can sit down in their enclosed porch, with lovely views of the marsh (they provide binoculars on all the tables). Table service and the food can't be beat. Off the main drag, so really not touristy at all. Our favorite place (we take special daytrips up from Boston just to enjoy this place!).

          1. You can file this under Send a Fool (me) on an Errand.

            I was taking an elderly neighbor for a drive up 1A through Hampton/Rye, and when she saw that The Beach Plum was open, she asked to stop for a bite.

            For her, I got the 10 oz lobster roll. For me, I got the small (6-8 oz) lobster bisque. Total for the two, without tip, at the takeout window? 29 bucks. I kid you not.

            Bisque was served piping hot, a comfort on a cold, windy Saturday. But the broth was flavorless, and the lobster chunks--the bisque was touted as chunky-- while nicely textured, were very few. Not a satisfying nosh.

            The lobster roll came with a bag of chips on a toasted, buttered roll, but the lobster meat was very shredded rather than discernibly chunky. We saw a few knuckle chunks...that's about it.

            It was okay, and the view was lovely, but not worth the $30.00. Kelly's is better. I was disappointed after seeing the size and quality of the Beach Plum's lobster rolls touted on three billboards I pass regularly. However, it was more about the company than the food.

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              I am sorry to hear this. I didn't go to the Beach Plum at all last summer..but the year before I went a couple of times and the lobster rolls were better ( not shredded meat..nice tender chunks). I've never had the lobster bisque..but I've heard it's more like a lobster stew so never bothered to try it. I've tended to go more south than north lately for seafood. I wonder if they at least still serve Richardson's ice cream!
              I wonder if the change in quality is a result in an increase in the number of sites they have.

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                I saw some ice cream coming out...it looked very good, but it's not quite ice cream weather yet (for me, anyway). I might have caught them on an off day, but the prices really scared me.

            2. If its a warm day after Mother's Day - I think that's when it open - you could try Chauncey Creek Lobster Pound in Kittery. Its BYOB.

              Its the wrong direction, but in RI, Matunuck Oyster Bar is one of my favorite places for a lunch.

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                We go to Chauncey Creek every summer. You sit outside on a covered deck over the creek - very pretty. We just get the lobster, and bring everything else. The lobsters are great, but I can't vouch for the other food.

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                  I know this is a popular spot for folks to BYOF and just get lobsters. It is a lovely spot to sit and eat, but we had a HORRIBLE food experience there a few years back (can't find the posting....sorry). Lobster roll made with Miracle Whip on a hamburger bun, fried "fish" that were repulsive pre-frozen nuggets. It was, by far, one of the worst seafood experiences I have encountered anywhere. So if the OP wants to pack a picnic and dine al fresco on lobsters....great. Anything else and I would strongly advise against.

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                  Keep in mind that pinehurst bumped this thread to report their bad experience at the Beach Plum, but bejar37 (the original poster, above) started this thread a year ago, in May 2012.

                3. Markey's in Seabrook is great for lobster, steamers and corn. They also do a very good baked haddock. Fried seafood is always fresh and plentiful.