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May 6, 2012 07:18 PM

Rome Itinerary - Any and All Thoughts Welcome - How Did I Do?


My wife and I will be in Rome for the fist time in July for 4 nights and I have done quite a bit of research on restaurants and would be interested in your thoughts, please.

Saturday - No lunch because of arrival time - Dinner at Da Vito e Dina - (2.2 km from where we are staying at the Rome Cavalieri) I would like to find something reasonably close to our hotel for our first night since we will be traveling that day. Also, for this first night my wife would really like some "Authentic" Italian considering the types of dinners we have scheduled for the rest of the trip....I am DEFINITELY open to ideas on this one because i am not 100% about this place.

Sunday - Lunch is scheduled during a tour - Dinner at Antico Arco - I am excited about Antico Arco especially considering how hard it is to find places open for Sunday dinner.

Monday - Lunch we are doing a "Walking food tour" - Dinner at Glass Hostaria - From what I understand Glass Hostoria is a very good choice?

Tuesday - Lunch at Pizzarium - Dinner at All'Oro - From what I understand All'Oro is a very good choice?

Thanks so much!

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  1. For your first night try Sagra del vino on via marziale, where it just branches out from medaglie d'oro. I think it is exactly what you want. Have your hotel make a reservation during the day though (earlier not necessary).
    All others: lovely choices!

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    1. re: vinoroma

      Thanks, that looks like a great option! I was definitely not familiar with it. Have you actually been there before?

      1. re: bobgilbert

        yes. it is simple, family run, with a great vibe, full to the gills, offers good food and is close to the Cavalieri.

    2. Dang! I am being told by the concierge at my hotel that Glass Hostaria is going to be closed from July 9th until July 31st for vacation.

      This means I need a great replacement for that Monday night!

      Any help would be aprreciated

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        1. re: vinoroma

          Interesting, I was actually researching Pipero al Rex and Metamorfosi when I saw your post

        2. re: bobgilbert

          I just posted on our trip. I would definitely recommend Roscioli quite highly. We walked through the Trastevere and looked at Glass which was a place we had considered going. I am not entirely sure I would have gone there even if we had had a couple more days. Can't tell if ther are just trying to separate themselves from what the majority of the Trastevere restaurants are like, keep the people who frequent said places away (it's pricey for sure) or if it is really a top notch place. Clearly I have no experience in eating there but we passed on it when it was open. On the other hand we walked by Ad Hoc up on Via di Ripetta and wished it had been open (closed Mondays) as it looked terrific. Of course, that's just a tale of 2 books and their covers. However, Roscioli is quite awesome.

          1. re: oregonjim

            Glass is a one michelin star fine dining establishment that has great food, lovely service and a modern decor. Ad hoc is very homey looking (wine bottles everywhere, wood) or tuscan looking trattoria with ambitions and might appeal to the italy visitor more (by its cover).