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May 6, 2012 06:26 PM

Byo wedding reception ideas?

My fiancé and I just got engaged and are looking at Philadelphia for the ceremony and reception. We are on a tight budget and are planning on getting married at the courthouse, but then have a reception in one of Philly's awesome byos. Our guests would be coming in from out of town, so we were hoping to do a Saturday wedding, which I realize makes our search more difficult. Would anybody be able to recommend a place that could accommodate 60 people, allow byo for the reception, and (maybe) have some dance space? Thanks a lot!


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  1. If you want to consider a venue in the western suburbs, The Stone Barn in the Kennett Square area might be just what you're looking for. http://thestonebarn.com/ceremonies.htm

      1. Maybe the Fleisher Art Memorial on Catharine St. in Bella Vista (between 7th & 8th)? They've got a neat space and seem flexible.

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          We had our wedding at Fleischer and it was a beautiful space.

        2. A BYOB that seems like it would be big enough is 943 in the Italian Market.

          You might just look at venues in the area, since I think it will be hard to reserve an entire restaurant on a Saturday night without having to replace their revenue:

          There are a handful of old, historic homes/gardens/etc that might fit the bill. You might also look at Upstairs at DiBruno Brothers on Chestnut, although it's a little more casual. We had our wedding and reception at Top of the Tower, it's BYOB, although more of a venue than a restaurant. The food was awesome.

          1. Congratulations on your engagement! My husband and I tied the know in Philadelphia 9 years ago (already?!) and, also on a budget, we ended up getting married at U Penn (of all places) at the Hall of Flags. It was beautiful and the rental fee was very affordable ($500, from memory). All the $$ goes to student associations because U Penn is a non-profit. Though not a BYO per se, we were obliged to bring our own alcohol, which helped cut costs. The catering was U Penn's, also excellent, on the 3rd floor of the building. The attention to detail was marvelous, from the waitress knowing I was from France and made a point to speak French, to the boxed teas... A friend talked about the teas a couple of years later. Here is more info here:
            Good luck!