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May 6, 2012 06:03 PM

Is the food at Austin's Strip Clubs any good?

I've never been to a strip club in Austin, and I don't really plan to. But I've never lived anywhere where the clubs push the food they serve as much as they do here. Steak and fries here, lobster tails there. I kinda think it's gross to eat in the presence of nudity but I'd like to hear from people who have partaken: Is the food actually good or even edible at these places?

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  1. this also baffles me.
    all the radio ads here focus on the steak, prime rib, etc.

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    1. re: dinaofdoom

      Exactlly, I don't get it but are there people going their for lunch. I mean really eating a meal? I just have a hard time believing these places have a kitchen staff.

      1. re: Rptrane

        You mean you've never had the experience of eating a CFS with a topless lady sitting on your lap? Maybe it's time you did that just so you can have bragging rights or to have a story for your grandchildren. Not that I am an expert but apparently I know more than you do.and will reluctantly share what I know. My take, after a few visits, is that it all depends. Depends on which place you go to and what the lunch specials are. Just from looking at the outside I would avoid ( as if you ever intend to do this) Yellow Rose, Landing Strip and most others that serve food except for Sugar's and Perfect 10 (P10) out in north Austin. You can get some good prices on food and ,imo, it is of average quality, about like what you would get at a franchise place or at a place like Jim's. Used to Sugars had a great taco salad served in a large crispy taco shell with frijoles on the plate surrounding it.

        The lunch is a draw. The money is apparently made on drinks so be prepared to pay a premium for tea,beer,etc.

        Now there is a protocol, not always observed, that the girls will not, or should not, approach you for a dance when you are eating. If they do, whether eating or not, simply tell them "No, thank you" and usually they will leave you alone. If they persist, then be direct and blunt about your disinterest (unless of course you want a table dance). Some of the girls have to hustle for tuition money, rent money or money for diapers.

        BTW, ime, again, I have found service in these places to be top notch.

        Go and enjoy.

        1. re: singlemalt

          i could be wrong, but i seem to think someone had a post rating the food quality of the different gentleman's establishments.

          i will say, as before, they really plug the food in the radio ads.
          one ad was for prime rib!

    2. Haha, yeah it's a gross concept, and I've experienced it. Some coworkers and I took out another to Exposé for her birthday. We all got lunch; it wasn't that bad, more just kind of what you'd expect. Chili's/Applebee's type fare. Regardless of the food, eating in a strip club is a weird, weird experience that I don't plan on repeating.

      I'm not much of a strip club guy anyway, so the next time I go for a bachelor party or something, I'm going to stick to what I normally do: get drunk and avoid talking to strippers trying to sell me lap dances.

      1. Just a quick request, folks, that you focus on sharing your actual experiences with strip club chow. If you think the whole idea is gross and you've never tried it, that's understandable, but it's not information that's going to help the thread, so we'd appreciate if you just moved on to the next thread.

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        1. re: The Chowhound Team

          So if we were discussing the the idea of U R Cooks (long gone), it wouldn't be OK to comment that we don't like the idea of cooking the food ourselves?

          I think ever aspect of the restaurant, service, and protocol is fair game for discussion here. The fact that it's a, uh, Gentleman's Club(?) should not cause prejudice.

        2. today i heard an ad on the radio for the grand reopening of some place on tuesday, the 15th.
          there's gonna be free prime rib and other stuff at lunch.

          it was either the yellow rose or the landing strip, as those are the only two places i've heard ads for on KROX.

          1. scrumptiouschef gives props to (i think) the yellow rose in some post or other...he's usually got the direct knowledge personally...recall george's unsuccessful pairing of sex/food on seinfeld...perhaps a 9 1/2 weeks groove could be attained...