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May 6, 2012 05:18 PM

root veggie pot pie?

i needed to clear out the last of my winter farm share veggies, so i browned tons of cubed carrots and parsnips with onion and thyme. a ton of soup is made, but the rest could easily fill a pot pie.

do you have a tried and true pie crust recipe? what can i prepare ahead--can i assemble in advance and cook the next night? is this way too ambitious to contemplate for a time pressured busy bee (who has never made pie crust before)?

alternately, i've seen people talking about biscuit crust. are there recipes you'd recommend? can i prepare that in advance?

how much liquid should be in all of this?

thanks very much!

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  1. This sounds delicious. I think I'd make a biscuit crust with a bit of stone ground cornmeal added. And I'd be tempted to add some mushrooms to the mix, too. Not in the crust, obviously.

    Biscuit crusts can be made with any biscuit recipe that works for you. I would not make it in advance as the leaveners in the dough will start acting when it's mixed up.

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      thanks so much for your suggestions. i'm having a hard time wrapping my head around a biscuit crust--is it just a topping, or does it go underneath as well?

      if the latter, do you prebake it? how thick is it/what's the texture like?

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        I never use a bottom crust in pot pie.

    2. This could be a good start
      I made this once and it was great.

      1. You can also just use a crust of phyllo dough on top.

        1. i think i'm going to do some variation on this:

          thanks, all, for all your help!

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            rose water, I've made these biscuits, from the original Gourmet recipe with cheddar that the smittenkitchen link is based on, and they are easy and most excellent. I think they'd make a delicious topping for a pot pie!

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              Sounds great.... report back when you're done!

              1. re: Leepa

                Well, the biscuits were certainly easy, and the ones we baked separately were great. But I was less excited about the biscuits-as-topping outcomes: the part near the veggies was pretty gooey, despite tacking on additional baking time. Don't know if a thinner layer of batter would solve the problem (or just decrease the amounts of the available fully cooked good stuff on top).

                Love the idea of phyllo v puff pastry v mashed potato for next time. But now that my summer farm share has started, it'll be all about the greens. Until next fall! Thanks again, all.

                1. re: rose water

                  Enjoy your spring greens! Forgot where, but I saw a recipe for a pot pie like dish made with greens and topped with polenta.

            2. Puff pastry is quick and easy as a topping.