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May 6, 2012 04:17 PM

Knishes in Philly & burbs

Anyone know of a place to get good knishes in Philly or the Main Line? Supermarket, deli, anywhere?

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  1. Famous 4th St has good knishes.

    1. the best place for knishes --worth the trip --is Lipkins bakery on Castor ave --inside, mitch lipkin makes knishes of all flavors--mini ones and full size. potato, veggie , mushroom, kasha, fake liver, cheese, pizza.. etc. read the old newspaper clippings on teh wall and you'll see he's been at it for 25+ years... i never get less than 2 dozen. they freeze excellent and you won't be disappointed. get a chocolate babka while you're there :).

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      1. re: elmom

        Oh, good tip for me. I still go the Northeast regularly, and will stop in at Lipkins based upon
        what you write about the quality. Question: are Lipkins products stricly Kosher? My grandson's favorite food is kasha knishes. Woo hoo, if they are Kosher, as opposed
        to Kosher style.

        1. re: elmom

          +1 for Lipkin's. My favorite is their mixed veggie knish. While there, also grab a loaf of seeded rye bread. It will make you remember why rye bread is worth eating.

          1. re: StrandedYankee

            Will go for the rye bread, haven't had great for decades, will try.

            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

              Lipkin's are excellent. You can also buy extra and freeze them. Popped in a hot oven they are still great.

              1. re: DaisyM

                wow. this sounds like it's worth a summer excursion. (Can't remember the last time I was in the Great Northeast!)

                1. re: Bob Loblaw

                  Indeed... I'm thinking I might combine it with a trip to Steve's Prince of Steaks.

        2. Grew up in Brooklyn and am a big fan of kasha knishes.

          Famous 4th on 19th Street has terrible things they call kasha knishes. I was served a big piece of overcooked (Yes, charred on the bottom) puff pastry with some dried out kasha inside. Thank goodness I had a decent bowl of matzoh ball soup to ease the pain.

          Herschel's at RTM has decent kasha knishes. However, they likely don't stack up to Lipkin's.

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          1. re: Seeker19104

            And I haven't found anything better than Lipkin's in NYC. Yohah Schimmel's are horrible.

          2. Hooray!!I'm getting some biz for Lipkins so they'll stay afloat for a few more years!!! I looked up if they are kosher --and I think "yes" It says it on teh site in one place... and I know there are always boxes of cakes, for local onegs waiting to be delivered.... website: i have to make a pilgrimedge myself!