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May 6, 2012 03:44 PM

Fresh Soursop - What to do with it? [moved from Manhattan]

I saw it today in Chinatown today but what would I do with it?

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  1. Eat it, if you like that kind of thing. In Malaysia, they just eat it fresh. Or you could juice it, etc.

    1. i like it only if it's ice cold

        1. Frsh soursop is a rare treat, and one of the great food experiences of my life. I had it in Jamaica. You don't eat the seeds (supposedly some toxicity therein), but the seeds are contained in a pulpy sac which has all the wonderful flavor. I read that it is a natural tranquilizer, and I believe it after having eaten a large one. I was put out for the afternoon. I have never seen it fresh in the US, and I have looked extensively when visiting family in Miami.

          Just eat it straight, no recipe needed.

          1. I love the flavor of soursop / guanabana! I would enjoy it chilled as is but also love it in smoothie form and in sorbet form.

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              I second the smoothie n' sorbet..............