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May 6, 2012 03:41 PM

Thai Ingredients in Denver - where to buy?

Coming from SF to visit the folks in Colorado. Where can you buy good Thai ingredients in Denver? I am looking for dry goods, pantry items and frozen ingredients. I can bring the fresh stuff in my suitcase. Also, possibly kitchen utensils - stacking steamer, extra-large mortar and pestle, etc.


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  1. Your best bet is at the Far East Center at Alameda and Federal Blvd.

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      Near the area DebBho mentions above, I'd try Pacific Ocean Market @ 2200 West Alameda.

      I'd also suggest H-Mart if it happens to be closer to you - 2751 S. Parker Rd in Aurora.

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        There's also a Pacific Ocean at 6600 W 120th Ave., Broomfield, CO 80020, (303) 410-8168. Both locations are small supermarket size (might have once been Safeways or something) and therefore carry large inventories of food and cooking utensils from various countries.

    2. i was also going to suggest far east center. little saigon market is great. its mostly viet, but has plenty of thai ingredients. when u walk in, go straight, past the check out counter, and then go right into the last row. back in there u will find lots of cooking utensils. if u are looking for good seafood, check out tri-ocean market which is on federal just south of mississippi, same side of the street as far east center (west side). they also have some thai ingredients in their small produce section, like lemon grass, kafir lime leaves and thai basil. dont remember if they have galangal but they might. last time i was there i had to ask for the lemon grass cuz it wasnt out there, but they did have it. good prices on seafood too and lots of live choices. they even have live conch, which is amazing since i heard a chef of "top chef" say he never used live conch since it was unavailable in the states. really great live oysters. i buy a good portion of my seafood there. both of these stores have frozen coconut milk too, which i think is better than canned.

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        Pacific Mercantile, in downtown Denver, has a modest selection of produce including
        Lemongrass, and lots of dry goods as well.