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May 6, 2012 02:13 PM

Wine Shops

My girlfriend and I will be in Vegas at the beginning of June. We are staying at The Mirage and love to enjoy wine in our room before heading out at night.

We are looking for a wine shop to purchase some CA, OR and WA wines (SO expensive up in Canada). I see that there is a place called Khoury's near the airport. Anyone know how FAR from the airport? Would it be worth going to before heading to our hotel. Double Helix is closer to out hotel but have heard the prices are quite high. Any suggestions?
We also like to have some fruit, cheese, cream for coffee, ect in the room. Any suggestions on where to get these items? Anyone know what the wine selection at Costco is like?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. If you have a car, go to Total Wine in Henderson.

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      Thanks for the suggestion. Don't have a car but don't mind grabbing a cab, as long as it's not 30 minutes away!

    2. If @ the Mirage, there is a wine boutique @ the Palazzo across the street. Double Helix Wine Boutique. Also Double Helix Wine and Whiskey bar in the Palazzo

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        If you're pinned to the Mirage without a car, then you'll probably have to make do with lvcorkdork's suggestion, or anything else within walking distance. Limited selection, though, and, like many things along The Strip, rather high-priced. Like yourself, I also try to seek out U.S. West Coast wines when I'm in Las Vegas from Ontario, Canada, where such wines in the provincially-run liquor stores are priced hilariously high. The best I've found is the aforementioned Total Wines in Henderson, which is, alas, a shade more than 30 minutes away from your hotel (and that's in light traffic). It's a pleasure to browse the aisles at Total. You could almost make a day of it wandering around the place. Knowledgeable staff as well. Don't know Costco in Las Vegas. Maybe you could make do with the nearest outlet of Trader Joe's or, even better, Lee's. Both are acceptable for what you want, but nothing touches Total. Too bad you won't have a car. It allows you to roam the city, which has a lot to offer besides The Strip.

      2. Just throwing this out there, but is there anyplace in the airport that might have a decent selection of wine?

        1. you could check out Village Meat and Wind on eastern just south of Tropicana. It is a fantastic meat, gourmet store. I've never bought wine there but they do have a selection of very top shelf Ca. wines.