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May 6, 2012 02:06 PM

fresh tofu?

No idea where to buy fresh tofu in Los Angeles! In the Bay Area, I always picked up tofu straight from the factory or from specialty tofu stores near my neighborhood, but I really haven't the faintest where to go to pick some up down here. I'm looking for a place that would sell a variety of tofu -- deep fried, noodles, tofu skin -- as well as tofu-based dishes and drinks (soymilk, tofu pudding/douhua). I don't have a preference for Taiwanese or Chinese or Japanese or Korean, and would love to try new kinds of tofu out. Does anybody have any recommendations? Preferably near downtown area, but if you think it's really worth it, I'm always up to venture outside.


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  1. I think they make their tofu fresh here but I've yet to try it:

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      I remember reading about this place years ago in the L.A. Times. Can't vouch for the quality as I've never been to the place. Might have bought some at one of the retail outlets at their website though. Not close to your (the OP's) area though.

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        Meiji tofu is great! I highly recommend it! They sell a couple types of tofu, fried tofu, and really good soy milk!

    2. Not near downtown - but awfully good. He makes his tofu fresh, daily.

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        Second this recommendation. Its worth the trip.

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          third happybakers's recommendation of vin loi tofu.

        2. There is also VK in Rosemead/El Monte

          and there is also one that is just a hole in the wall that supplies to most of the Chinese supermarkets in Rosemead off of Garvey but doesn't turn up on any search. Don't remember the name now but is tuck in the back sharing the same plaza as Kim Ky Noodle House.

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            TAN NAM TOFU
            9014 E. Garvey Ave. #J,Rosemead,CA,91770

            Based on tofu flower/soymilk alone I prefer VP over VK/Tai Nam/Thanh Loi.

            Sadly, none of the above are using organic beans. Then again, if they did, half a gal of soymilk wouldn't just be $2.50.

          2. I like VP Tofu (Chinese / Viet place on Garfield, mentioned by a few others in this thread). In addition to soymilk and douhua, they also sell fried tofu (some with filling like bean-thread noodle and wood-ear mushroom) which is really delicious, even with no accompaniment. Definitely also try the douhua and dou jiang (both sweet / salty) at places like Si Hai / Young Ho (Yong He) / Huge Tree.

            Musha's "fresh tofu" dish is really delicious in my opinion. It has kind of a cottage cheese consistency, and is served with some simple seasoning (soy sauce, salt, bonito flakes, ginger), all served on the side, so that you can appreciate it with very little seasoning.

            1. All manner of tofu available at Chung Seng tofu factory in Walnut. (Taiwanese) Stinky tofu, preserved tofu, silken tofu, whatever you like. I like snacking on the soy marinated pressed tofu, which they sell in convenient snackable little deli containers.

              And of course there's the venerable Thanh Son Tofu Factory in Garden Grove (Vietnamese).

              Mr Taster

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                Oh, and no idea if they sell it in alone, but there's house made silken tofu at the Korean soondubu restaurants all over Koreatown (like Beverly and Sokongdong).

                And if you feel like going out to eat it as an entree, there's the silken tofu dish that congeals before your very eyes at Robota Jinya (Japanese).

                Mr Taster

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                  Agreed! I really enjoyed the make-it-at-your-table version at Robata Jinya...memorable!