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May 6, 2012 02:03 PM

New place in PB

Has anybody tried Papa Luna's Empanadas on Garnet? It looked busy on Friday.

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  1. We ate lunch there today. I liked it a lot. Good selection of empanadas for traditionalist or picky eaters. The crust was crispy, the filings tasty, and chimichuri served on the side was yummy. Give it a try. I think this place will be around for awhile!

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    1. re: pagesinthesun

      kids will be out of school soon... maybe lunch then! Was the chimichuri really chimichuri?

    2. Menu looks very interesting -- I'll be walking by this morning. Will grab a Pacific Rim Ahi empanada and report back.

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      1. re: bizzwriter

        I ended up getting a "take-and-bake" caprese empanada -- passed on the ahi this time. Brought it home to share with my wife -- baked in the toaster oven for 10 minutes at 400 degrees. Fresh, flavorful, good. Not a revelation, but we both enjoyed it. We'll definitely try some of the other varieties. According to the owner, the empanadas are made fresh every morning, as is the chimichuri, which was quite good (and real, as far as I could tell). Definitely worth a try.

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          Got to talk to the owner a few times, and I'm really pulling for these guys. One of the friendliest guys around and always in there. I'm really intrigued by the menu, I don't know enough about traditional empanadas to speak on authenticity, but the combos are pretty appealing to me.

          I haven't seen many better deals for a late night grab around PB - but the menu has enough for me to stop by at other times of the day - I really want to try the plantain fritters.

      2. Tried a short rib special on my way back from a friends place. I'll definitely be back to try more and do a complete review.

        The dough was very good, I initially thought they were fried but they're all baked with an egg wash I believe.

        The chopped short rib was also very good, seasoned well, moist, and no gristle.

        I've never been crazy about chimichuris, but this one is really, really good (and free). Even if you aren't a fan it's worth trying. The empanada would have been very good on it's own, but the addition really made it better.

        I'll update as I try more and have a full review.

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        1. We were in there this weekend. While attending the Brazilian street fair we got an urge for an Empanada, but didn't want to wait in a slow line in the food court area.
          It was awesome and service was quick; four minutes from front door to first bite.
          The chimichuri is the best I've ever had, and the empanada's gourmet and superior; like a PB and J made with a flavored Pacific Beach Peanut Butter Co with Jaynie's Jams. The empanada de Choclu was excellent as well. We didn't leave a crumb!
          Everything tastes very fresh and of high quality ingredients
          Note they have a lot more items than appear on their website menu..

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          1. re: itsmechuck

            breaking a 3 year posting hiatus just to weigh in on Papa Lunas? The must be good ;)

            I do need to pay them another visit. I agree on the chimichuri. I will say it's the best I've had, and I will say it's the best most anyone will have. That's a challenge.

            I didn't know that they're using PB PBC, but it doesn't surprise me - glad to see them supporting another local small business.