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May 6, 2012 01:34 PM

Le Gros Jambon

There may be thread on this resto somewhere but I couldnt find it, although I know we have had comments on other threads. Just goes to show you to be fair sometimes need more than one visit to a resto for overall impression.. The problems on my first visit were no where to be seen on this followup visit for brunch. I actually didnt intend to go for brunch but they serve it til late afternoon and the plates around me looked interesting like fried chicken leg with eggs and beans! This time service was attentive, friendly and efficient. The pancakes smothered in fresh fruit were delicious. Coffee and refills for included. I hesitated in going as I thought it would be crowded (last time I went it was weekday and crowded with people on lunchbreaks) but there were empty seats the whole time. Music was upbeat and as small place kind of noisy with conversations. I sat overlooking food preparation area which was more interesting area than stools facing wall. I would certainly take my next visitors there for brunch as I liked variety offered, prices are reasonable and no lineups. They served the food on large plates in shape of pig! Not for groups or small children as no tables.

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  1. I went a couple of times in the last couple weeks. I tried the pulled pork sandwich, although I did enjoy it, the meat was over cooked. However I did appreciate the homemade bun .The fries were not cooked properly and were almost in edible. My buddy had the duck confit grilled cheese and enjoyed it.. Second time around I had the "coca cola burger'. Wasnt as sweet as I expected but definetly could of used some heat. It was garnished with a deep fried pickle which was pretty good! But yet again the fries were way undercooked. My friend got the chili fries and had to send them back. They fixed it all up and took care of my friends bill which was nice. Ill definetly be back soon.

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      The hot dog and burger buns are made in house and are awesome. The burger was ok a bit too well done, tasted like a homemade burger (a good thing of course). Their hot dog (I believe they use Nathan's) would have been enjoyable had it not felt like you were biting into a stick of salt. The fries were decent but their gravy tasted like they added a ton of garlic powder.

    2. I gave friends who are visiting Montreal at the moment some options for lunch around Old Montreal and after finding Olive and Gourmando absolutely packed, they went here for lunch. Their brief review - one hit, one miss. The hit being the hot dog, they really enjoyed it, and with the toppings of cucumber and tomato and some other things, they found it quite refreshing even! The miss was the pulled pork, the sauce was just way too sweet for a savoury meal and my friend was not able to finish it, even after pulling out half the pork!

      1. Had brunch there last Sunday and found the fried chicken and waffles much better than Nouveau Palais'. The Poulet Bronze is still #1 for fried chicken though.