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May 6, 2012 01:16 PM

Donkey Salume

Was just watching Andrew Zimmern eating some in Venice. Looked tasty. I would like to have some so I could take a big bite and say "tastes like ass!". That cracked my wife up btw.

Seriously, anybody had any or know where to get it in the U.S.?

I've seen a couple news articles lately about horses and donkeys being abandoned by the score because their owners can't afford to feed them anymore.

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  1. Currently, there is no USDA inspected slaughterhouse for horses in the US, thus here is no horsemeat sold in the US. I suspect the same is true for donkeys. The articles you cite have raised the issue of the need for a USDA inspected slaughterhouse for horses, but I seriously doubt that donkeys would ever be added.

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      Agreed. I know of know of no USDA approved processing centers for poopy (yes, that is actually what donkey meat is technically called!) If you are traveling I should point out hover that venice is far from the only place that serves it. Saucisson d' Ane is a speciality of the French town of Alres (and horse sausage is common throughout the Camauge area)
      Actually you may have already tasted it. I remeber reading that it is pretty common to add horse and donkey to the pork in many European dry sausages, common enough the USDA was working on a way to be able to DNA test sausage meat to determine what animals were present.