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May 6, 2012 12:34 PM

Best Specialty Slice of Pizza in NY

I'm looking for the best specialty slices of pizza in NY. Now.. I can appreciate a great regular or sicilian slice as much as the next guy. I personally love difara and new park pizza. However, I'll be damned if I dont crave a great buffalo chicken slice or something different every once in a while. I know many purists will scoff at the idea of ruining pizza with over the top toppings, however sometimes that's just what a guy wants!

I'm open to any suggestions on any type of slice if they are really good. I will however list some categories to make it a little easier.

Best bufallo chicken slice:

Best chicken marsala slice:

best ziti slice:

best penna alla vodka slice:

best barbecue chicken slice:

Those are a few examples. Look forward to hearing your replies


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  1. I actually have had pretty great Buffalo Chicken slices at both Uncle Mario's in Hell's Kitchen and
    at New York Pizza Suprema near the garden.

    1. Justinos on 31 and 3rd has the best specialty slices I have ever had. I have watched them sautee 3 types of mushrooms before putting them on the Chicken Marsala pizza They use all fresh ingredients and the slices are great. You have to try a few.

      1. its not available by the slice, and it just barely meets my threshold for being pizza, but the "Dr Dave's grilled pizza" at balaboosta, with a really cumin-heavy carrot puree, goat cheese and cilantro, while pretty out there, is totally delicious.

        1. PeteZaas in Brooklyn does some really wacky pizzas. You can create your own with options like BBQ onions, sausage, etc. They also have a Mexican Chorizo with salsa roja, pickled onion and chorizo - a bit off from BBQ, but delicious all the same! There's also a Baked Potato Pizza. All the flavors are wacky, but they've gotten great reviews.


          1. The vodka pie at rubirosa is pretty darn delicious.