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May 6, 2012 12:24 PM

Caffe Vita Coffee

I've had two different coffees, one the store offered brew and the Sumatra Gayo River drip at home. The store made was a medium to med dark roast, medium bodied and long without any forced concentration, the more I drank it the better I liked it.
The Sumatra Gayo River is a darkish roast, really full bodied, much flamboyant aromas. I don't like dark roasts, I was an early Peet's dropout, but this one hits lots of sweet spots. $16 for the now standard non-pound bag.

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  1. Png Yus New Guinea Light roast medium to light body, muted aromas after brewing, I'm not sure what they were aiming at - a easy on the palate drink. I will give it another chance

    1. i have had things to do on the les aand have had my coffee brakes at Vita. Their by the cup is excellent.

      1. Vita's been pretty under the radar, and I tend to just get whatever is brewed, so thanks for these reports. It's nice to hear some reviews from someone knows how to describe coffee in way that's useful.

        New Guineas do tend to be really drinkable, but not typically done lighter. Have you tried it again since?