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May 6, 2012 12:17 PM

seeking Nashville recs.

Wife and I will be visiting this summer and are interested in casual, innovative, fresh, non-chain breakfast, lunch, and dinner fare. We are esp. interested in nuevo southern, but any cuisine and price range is fine as long as it isn't super expensive. Full bar a plus. Thanks in advance.

Also, do The Catbird Seat and Bar 308 live up to the hype?

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  1. Catbird and 308: Yes.

    As for your general recs question ... have you read any of the previous threads on Nashville on this forum? There's a wealth of information already posted here, right along the lines you are asking about. It might be more useful to cobble together a proposed list based on that then come back with more specific questions/musings.

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      Found some things that were a year or two old. Will narrow my search. Thanks.

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        Okay, so I've read recent posts here, looked at Trip Advisor, and the Nashville Scene's Annual Best-Of lists. So many choices I'm a bit overwhelmed, so let's do this: Same qualifications as above, but no Indian, Asian, or Sushi, and nothing over fifty bucks a person, including alcohol. (We seldom buy bottles.) Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Casual, hip, funky, neighborhood gems, classy but not stuffy. We'll only be in Nashville for about three days and will try to stay somewhere near the loop for easy access to all parts of town, including east Nashville. So, hit me with a no-fail ten or so plus the best burger in town, Nashville Hounds.