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May 6, 2012 10:21 AM


Returned to Sotto. Love it. The pork pizza is great. So was the octopus. Big winner was the pork chop. Can't remember a better one. Service is always excellent. Only issue is they pour a measured drink which bugs me at a high end restaurant. Can't think of a better pork chop!

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  1. Absolutely agree. Its often not on the menu, but if you ask they have it most nights during the week. Really great!

    1. Who else on the Westside makes a great pork chop?

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        I've tasted the one at Mastro's Beverly Hills before and thought the bite I had (wife's plate and she guards her food with a very quick and sharp fork) was quite excellent. While not on the west side, if you are ever in the nabe I would suggest the pan roasted version at:

      2. How big is it? Is it flame-grilled or sauteed and then finished in oven? What kind of sauce? What is served with it? How Much $?

        1. Hardly on the west side, but if you are ever in Highland Park, you might try the pork chop Andre Guerrero prepares at his Maximiliano restaurant on York Blvd. I believe it is $17, and is accompanied by a signifcant portion of veggies. Truly a wonder, and is probably the most popular carne entree on the menu.

          1. Have you ever tried The Standard Hotel's pork chop? I haven't but I heard someone absolutely raving about it before.