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May 6, 2012 10:12 AM

31st birthday!

my 31st is in a few weeks...where to go where to go....
My 31st means more to me than the 30th-I was going through chemo, and had a great dinner at the capital was memorable, but for the wrong reasons.
So being well and healthy...
I need some ideas :)
I love steak but not sure i want a steak house
I love wine, but don't know to much about it (I know what I like and if I see it on a menu-awesome!)-therefore don't need a fancy wine list.
I would like to get a little dressed up :)
Budget of 150 total- a drink at dinner, shared app, and 2 entrees (hopefully a tip included)

Id like to stay out of the south end-and I don't mind the "burbs: (Wellesely, newton, needham, cambridge, arlington, belmont)


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  1. At first I was thinking what's the big deal about a 31st bday but you have a good reason to make an occasion of it. Some possibilities are 51 Lincoln in Newton Highlands, Lineage in Coolidge Corner, La Morra in B. Village, Aquitaine in Chestnut Hill, Eastern Standard in Kenmore Sq, Rendezvous in Central Sq., Bergamot in Somerville. Those could all get you out of there for $150, varying degrees of dressing up.

    1. TW Food would fit - they have a reasonably priced prix fixe, and usually some form of steak on the menu. When I went, it was excellent (though I forget the cut). Very knowledgeable and composed hostess so will guide you to a good wine choice I would expect.

      1. some things to think about-thank you!

        1. What a lovely idea to do a special celebration.

          I still remember the one meal I had at Bergamot about a year and a half ago. I started with a salad that had a fried/poached egg on top. It was like nothing I'd ever tasted before, in a very good way.

          I wasn't crazy about the room (very noisy, tables close together) but I went when it had just opened so I don't know if that has changed. But the food....oh boy. I'm afraid to go back there again in case it can't live up to my memory.

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            oh, that salad, I still think about it too. Bergamot is one of my favorites and gets my vote.

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              I had a similar salad several times at AKA Bistro in Lincoln, but I think the egg was poached? That is another good suggestion for the OP, AKA Bistro, since suburbs are OK.

          2. At 51 Lincoln, I've had the best ribeye ever, more than once.