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May 6, 2012 09:53 AM

Dinner in Novato

I need to meet some friends for dinner in Novato and I am not having any luck coming up with anything that I haven't already tried and found lacking. Atmosphere is not as important as comfort and good food. We would go for any type of cuisine as long as it's delicious.

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  1. For me Rickey's is tops in Novato. Should be a great day to dine poolside too.

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    1. re: Civil Bear

      Thanks, I've heard about Ricky's but have never tried it. What type of cuisine do they offer. If memory serves I have heard they have great burgers.

        1. re: Civil Bear

          I've been to Rickey's many times and find the food often disappointing, even though the poolside dining can be quite nice on a warm day. In Novato, hands down your best meal will be found at Hilltop 1892. Great location at the top of a hill with views for miles, nice patio dining, destination quality atmosphere and, thanks to the recent addition of a very solid chef from Buckeye Roadhouse, food presentations that rival the restaurant. That's Novato's best bet.

          1. re: greggatwood

            Interesting, as I had always found the food at Hilltop to be disappointing. Will have to give it another try with the new chef.

            1. re: Civil Bear

              You should do that. I was quite disappointed in the food when it first reopened a year and a half ago, but this new chef--I believe his name is Nicholas Abrams, and has a stellar background even before Buckeye--is definitely making his mark on the food.

              1. re: greggatwood

                I will have to try Hilltop. Did not know of recent improvements and wrote it off a long time ago. Thanks for the helpful suggestions!

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              Another Hilltop rec. Lunch there today and the pulled pork sandwich was delicious. They cook it in a real smoker, large-serving sandwich, sauce (good) already on the meat (didn't think to ask for it on the side), tangy slaw on the sandwich, house-made pickle slices, and a side green salad or fries. $11.25. Great atmosphere and very good service.

      1. What about Boca Pizzeria? I had lunch there once and enjoyed the pizza. Also recently had a good lunch at Finnegan's pub on Grant.

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          Boca is good, both the Pizzeria with casual food as well as the steakhouse. Both are better than Ricky's.

          Like many others here, I wrote off Hilltop as just ok but if there is a new chef I will try again as this could be a great place with a new chef.

          1. re: Jperryrt

            Disagree on Boca. Haven't tried the pizzeria simply because I refuse to waste another dime at the steakhouse. Have enjoyed the house cured pickles and duck fat fries though. Just too many steaks being sent back for arriving cold or overdone.

        2. When I am in the area, I always try to hit Moylan's brewpub, which has surprisingly good comfort food with the bonus of some truly great beer.

          1. As way of a follow up, we had dinner at Rickey's. Food was pretty good, not outstanding. The selection is varied enough to suit any tastes. We wanted to eat outdoors but it was way too noisy due to many children running around and diving into the pool. That was to be expected though and the waitstaff graciously set us up indoors in a quiet and comfortable booth. The service was excellent throughout. Somewhat pricey for food and drinks. Cocktails are very overpriced. We had a good time but I don't think anyone of us said, "this was great we have to come back here again". So, not a destination but fine if you are in the neighborhood.

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            1. re: Scarlet347

              New restaurant in downtown Novato -- Muscio's -- at 1200 Grant Av -- anyone been yet?.