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May 6, 2012 09:34 AM

Schwa phones disconnected?

i want to make a reservation for July and have been calling for the last 3 days. i get a message saying its disconnected each time. anyone else having the same issues or know a new number?

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  1. Only my assumption. But if I had to guess at the moment. Beard Awards!

    1. That is common with their phones; do not expect to be able to leave a message. You need to keep calling until you reach a live person. Just try calling at different times of days and different times of the week and eventually you will reach someone, but it can take a while. While scoring a reservation does require one to jump through hoops, the food and dining experience are amazing and make the drama worthwhile.

      1. The phone does appear to be temporarily disconnected.

        1. Same issue. I have been calling for the last two weeks about a reservation in June, and spoke several times with someone at the restaurant, but each time was told they were not yet accepting reservations for June. On Thursday, the phone was working but I could not get through. On Friday, when I dialed, the response was that the phone has been temporarily disconnected. It is still "temporarily disconnected" as of 2 minutes ago (Monday morning). I guess, keep on trying.

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          1. re: stevenmargolis

            Try toward end of week. Guessing it will be back in service.

            1. re: stevenmargolis

              ya. im right there with ya. i dined at Schwa last week. after an amazing dinner and a smarter (more sober) next day conversation with my fiance, i realized that we should have just tried to book another table for July while there. d'oh!

              its worth the trouble. and while there they said they are trying to cancel on people less… so thats nice.

              1. re: FoodHasTheRightToMe

                "they said they are trying to cancel on people less"

                Now there's a ringing, confidence-building endorsement of world-class service.

                1. re: chicgail

                  they have 26 seats. not tables. its very small.

                  please dont ever take one of those seats.

                  i promise you wont have fun. you wont like it. you wont get it.

                  go to alinea. alinea is amazing. and you know exactly what you are gonna get! (a sliding door that opens on your left… thrilling the 3rd time you see it...)

                  1. re: FoodHasTheRightToMe

                    I've been to both places and I very much prefer Alinea to Schwa.

                    My only comment was that Schwa's comment a was pretty weak endorsement in the world of customer service.

                    1. re: chicgail

                      im trying to get a reservation for the place… not endorse them.

                      surely you can see that right? (and dont call me Shirley)

                      i dont even think they want to be endorsed. let alone by me…. a guy who just wants a reservation…

                      1. re: FoodHasTheRightToMe

                        I hope you get get your res. I'm not going to compete for your seat.

                2. re: FoodHasTheRightToMe

                  I tried to book another table when I was dining there, but I got the stock answer "Sure, just give us a call".


              2. The phone line is now up and operational. I got through and was able to make a reservation for June. Good luck.

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