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May 6, 2012 09:32 AM

Italian - East Boston

Is there a good Italian restaurant in East Boston that has parking or valet and possibly a separate room for a birthday party for around 12 people?

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  1. i can't think of anyplace that has valet. parking in the evenings is usually not difficult.

    there really aren't any "fancy" italian places there. rino's and jevelli's are old-school and ecco is very hit or miss. none of them have private rooms.

    1. Rino's is excellent, parking on the street isn't too difficult. Jevelli's, is OK, usually has parking available in front of their place. If you go up 145 to Winthrop, you'll have Alia and DiParma with a public parking lot next to Aila and also Rossetti's on the ocean front. All can handle 12 people. All the places in Winthrop are BYOB.

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        Gee, I got takeout from Rino's a couple of weeks ago. Parking was challenging, but not impossible. That was just for one car, though. Also, a group of 12 would have to sit at two separate tables, if I'm remembering the layout correctly.

        The food was terrific, though, even with a 30 minute ride home. I'll definitely head back. If you go, make sure you have reservations.

      2. I'm planning on getting takeout from Rino's tonight for a birthday boy. I threw away the old specials menu, which was just about as long as the regular menu, and can't find it online anywhere. Thought I'd take a stab and see if anyone knows where I could find it online. Thanks.

        1. My family likes to do Jevelli's (ask for the upstairs room) for our get togethers. It may not be the absolute greatest food but for the money you can't beat it. There is a huge variety of seafood, grilled items and italian favorites. My son in law loves the stuffed calamari... parking isn't too difficult around there and for a large group it seems to fulfill everyone;s tastes/likes. All meals come with salad or soup and I believe even coffee is included. If you go to their website you can usually print coupons for FREE APPETIZERS with the order of 2 entrees- only limit on coupons is the number of entrees purchased.