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May 6, 2012 09:06 AM

Where to find glucose in TO

The Guardian recently published a promising sounding recipe for Momfuku's chocolate chocolate cookies One of the ingredients is glucose. Where to find this ingredient in Toronto and also what form it should take...syrup?

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  1. I buy my at the Bulk Barn in a small tub, I think it is from Wilton's. It's like a really think corn syrup.

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        What's the difference between corn syrup and glucose? Cause I also bought the Wilton brand of glucose from Bulk Barn, and it list corn syrup as it's only ingredient.

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          Water. Corn syrup is a concentrated glucose solution, although in bottled corn syrup the ingredients may also include some vanilla and glucose/fructose or high fructose corn syrup. You can also buy powdered glucose in the baking aisle of some grocery stores - this is generally also corn-derived, just without the water.

      2. I've seen powdered/granular dextrose (another name for glucose) at Foods for Life on Bloor West ...

        1. Glucose and corn syrup are pretty much the same. You should be able to substitute corn syrup for glucose.

          1. I bought ingredients for the Milk Bar cookbook from Golda's Kitchen online. They are located in Mississauga. They ship very quickly or I believe you can pick it up. I also bought cake collars, cake ring and quarter sheet pan. Baking from that cookbook requires some investment in equipment/ingredients! I found frozen passionfruit puree in Kensington Market.

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              Which store? Was it one of the latino shops? If you remember the name, could you reveal your source?? This ingredient has been driving me up the wall trying to find. Helpfully I saw another CH member had written it is called/referred to as "maracuya" and that would get me somewhere when in the latino shops in Kensington market trying to find it...
              But do you remember the name of the store??? Perola's??
              If so I will zip down there rightaway to get it!!