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May 6, 2012 08:02 AM

Springtime in Sonoma

It's shaking here!

Sonoma's Tuesday night farmers market reopened last week.

As did Oak Hill Farm (flowers, greens, asparagus, fava beans, leeks, green garlic, lettuce, oranges).

And the strawberry stand at Watmaugh and Arnold.

Heard Sebastopol's strawberry stand on 12 just east of town opened too.

New flavors at El Michoacana ice cream shop in Boyes Hot Springs (killer kiwi paletas).

Just up the road is El Molino Central where the spring menu is up - Big bowls of green pozole and other tempting treats - http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/711365


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  1. Last weekend, I caught opening day at the Saturday Healdsburg farmers market. Bought many of the spring-y things that you found at Oak Hill Farm. Garlic scapes from Middleton, English peas, fava beans, and green garlic. And I bought some eggs from a teenager who sends his chickens out to pasture each day and rounds them up at night.

    Mateo Granados has discontinued his booth here now that he has a restaurant in town, and Agave Restaurant (Oaxacan) has taken the space offering up Mexican breakfast and lunch plates using ingredients sourced from the farmers market.

    Michele Anna Jordan on Healdsburg's opening day

    Sonoma Valley farmers market

    1. Strawberry stand in kenwood on highway 12 actually opened before May 1. My eyes popped when I saw it was open - apparently their earliest date to open in recent years. Berries have been pretty good for this early in the season. I always find them sweeter than Watmaugh if you're passing that way and have a chance to compare it's worth it

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        Last week I had strawberries from both stands and thought thought Watmaugh's sweeter and juicier than Kenwood's.

        First batch of apricots from Watmaugh were delicious, second not as good. Should have trusted my nose.

        1. re: Columba

          will have to try them again this season. everytime i did the test last year and previous kenwood won out but i'm guessing it's super micro climate dependent and could change in days
          kenwood hasnt got apricots but they did have delicious asparagus

          i tried cherries and apricots on sale at roadside stand near kenwood strawberry patch but was not overly impressed

          i totally agree with the nose test approach!

      2. Hi All! Are there any farmer's markets you'd recommend in the Sonoma area that are open between Saturday at 4 p.m. and Wednesday morning? I was super-psyched to see this post, and am going to Sonoma for the first time next week, but we'll miss both the Sat a.m. Healdsburg market and the Wed afternoon/evening market . . . we'll be driving up from SF, leaving the bay area around 1 p.m. on Saturday, and will be returning to the bay area on Wednesday. We'll be staying in Kenwood, in a place with a nice kitchen. I'm super-excited to check out the summer offerings from the local farmers! Point me in the right direction. Mahalo!

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          I'll be stopping at Paul's Produce on Arnold Drive tomorrow on my way to friends' dinner in Kenwood; around 3 pm. just past Leveroni Drive and then, past the cement factory. new roadside stand