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May 6, 2012 06:53 AM

Party Venue

Hi Chowhounds !!!
Can anyone recommend a casual restaurant (in the Montreal area) with a private room for a party of about 25 or so guests for 50th Birthday at a affordable costs ??? Thanks

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  1. Bitoque comes to mind. They have set menus for larger groups as well.

    "The Bitoque offers a private room – The Gallery.

    The gallery has a maximum capacity of 65 people and a maximum of 2 groups can be seated at the same time if necessary. For the exclusivity of the gallery, the customer must reserve and pay for a minimum of 60 people."

    1. How about Chateau Taillefer Lafon? It is on a vineyard in Laval. I had my mother's 50th there last summer and it was very, very good. The location is spectacular.

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        Hi Chowhounders again,
        Thanks for your recommendations The Snowpea and SKYMTL, Those sound great, however anything in the "cheap side" because I don't want my friends and family to declare bankruptcy after my celebration . Also, a friend suggested maybe a "BYOB" after all the bar tab can be quite expensive .

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          Is a private room absolutely necessary? If you want inexpensive I guess there's Arahova on L'Acadie that has a private room upstairs. There's also Roasters at Marche Central with a private balcony upstairs.

          HOWEVER, if a private room isn't 100% necessary, I'd recommend Aux Cinq Parfums right off of L'Acadie. It is a smaller restaurant that's BYOB and they have some great food. For 25 people, they'd probably section off the far side of the place for you guys so some privacy can be achieved.

      2. The Steak Frites in the village has a private room downstairs and it's byow. I'm not sure what the requirements are to reserve the private room.