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May 5, 2012 11:04 PM

Downtown LA

I just moved to downtown LA... (Flower Street)Would love some great recommendations on places to eat and shop?

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  1. There is a Ralphs downtown on 9th St. and there is also Food 4 Less. I would also think that you will end up at one or more of the local downtown farmers markets: and finally there is the Grand Central Market:

    There are a lot of restaurants. Everything from good Japanese to the old standbys like Philippe's and Cole's and the Original Pantry and on to High end places like Rivera or Patina and the Water Grill to a good Brazilian cafe called Wood Spoon to great tacos at the Mexicali Taco & Company: or the dive breakfast place called Nick's Cafe: to the Blue Cow or the Lazy Ox or Colori Kitchen and the Nickel Diner (plus a whole hell of a lot of others).

    1. Bottega Louie, Mas Malo, Umamicattessen, Two Boots, Tiara Cafe, New Moon, Chaya, LA Cafe, and much more (to add to the list above)

      1. Spice Table
        Lazy Ox
        Menddsacino Farms
        Chaya Downtown
        Incredible sausage place starts with a W great fries too.
        Many more

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        1. Wow! Thank you all for your suggestions! Keep them coming...I plan to hit all of them.
          By the way any suggestion on great deals in the garment districts and jewelry district?

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            you have to go to grand central market for tacos from las morelianas

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              There's a great little Middle Eastern/ Persian place in the fabric district at Maple and 9th called the Maple St Grill. They're open only during the day I think.

            2. Baco
              shin sen gumi
              shabu shabu house
              sushi gen
              tiara cafe
              Le comptoir (pop up at tiara cafe)
              petes (all purpose open late burger decent)
              hollywood pies
              library bar
              bottega louie
              buu dien (banh mi in china town)
              soon to open branch of mo chica
              and more I can't remember
              I love DTLA!

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              1. re: peppermonkey

                I just read in the LA Weekly that Hollywood Pies moved

                New location is:
                1437 S Robertson Blvd
                Los Angeles, CA 90035
                (323) 337-3212

                Deliery w/i 5-mile radius or pick-up at the curb, however, actual seats may be on the way; see link to article above.

                Mon: CLOSED
                Tues-Thurs: 430pm-930pm
                Fri-Sat: 430pm-10pm
                Sun: 5pm-9pm