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May 5, 2012 08:11 PM

Any Kosher offerings in Union Station, Washington, D.C.?

I have a tight connection at Union Station- anyone know if there are kosher packaged sandwiches or similar food I can pick up for the train ride?

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  1. There might be Wraps2Go kosher sandwiches available at Top's Frozen yogurt bar.

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    1. re: SoCal Mother

      great- I will check it out. thank you!

    2. Here's the report: Near Track A, next to a Sbarros, there's a Tops Fro Yo place. Behind the counter there's a small fridge and a sign saying there are kosher wraps to go sandwiches. the choices were chicken or turkey- I got turkey ($7.00) on rye and ran for the train. The sandwich contained two packets each of mayo and mustard, and rather limp lettuce and a slice of tomato. The turkey slices were actually pretty tasty. Overall, the convenience couldn't be beat, since there was no way I would have been able to buy or carry something else between meetings and still get to my train.

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      1. re: serenarobin

        COOL! Best part is I know EXACTLY where the case is located:) THANKS!

        1. re: serenarobin

          Thank you. I found them. Just where you said they would be.

          1. re: AdinaA

            Glad they are still selling sandwiches there. Very convenient for the hungry kosher traveler.

            1. re: serenarobin

              It was convenient. But the Top's Frozen yogurt bar has disappeared. There is a Crumbs cupcakes, but that's about all there is, alas.

        2. But the Acela has Bubbie's brand tuna sandwich, with an OK, on nice bread. Actually, pretty tasty.

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            Acela also offers kosher meals in 1st class. They need to be ordered one day in advance. 50% of the time the meals do not make it on the train and I have had the Bubbie's sandwich. Most of the meals that actually arrived were pretty bad; I have only had one ok one. I hope that Wraps2Go finds another spot in Union Station.

            1. re: AdinaA

              The Acela has stopped stocking the kosher sandwiches. Alas.

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                FIrst class still offers kosher meal options: chicken, beef or fish. Last month, I was surprised both that my meal actually arrived and that it was not bad for a frozen meal. The Freshko meals in Penn St. are very helpful.

            2. If you hold by the Crumbs hechsher, there's one in Union Station by the Amtrak.