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May 5, 2012 08:06 PM

La Fogata - Excellent Mexican in Fort Myers

I love Mexican food. I could (and somtimes do) have it several times per week. I have my local favorites (reviews to come) but I'd heard a lot of positive buzz about La Fogata so I decided to give it a try.

First of all, if you Google or Yelp it, it will try to take you to the old location in Bonita Springs. The new location is at 16440 South Tamiami Trail in Fort Myers, just south of The Forest gated community. Despite what Yelp would lead you to believe, it is absolutely not closed. Thank you to the owners for moving up to Fort Myers - I appreciate it and judging from the dinner crowd I saw tonight so do many others.

The food straddles the line between Americanized Mexican and authentic Mexican. It's much more authentic (and delicious) than the glop they serve at Iguana Mia, but I didn't see any tacos de lengua, cabeza, or tripa on the menu. What they do serve is delicious - the steak used in any of the dishes is cut thicker than average and has a charred smoky flavor that can likely only come from a real grill. The Chile Relleno I ordered was possibly the best I've ever had, with a nice fleshy pepper, flavorful cheese and chorizo filling, and a rich red sauce.

Service was attentive, and while it took a bit of time for the entrees to come out, it was Cinco de Mayo and the place was jam packed wall to wall, and they were very up front before seating that there could be a wait. When the food did arrive it was fresh, hot, and delicious.

Prices are a bit higher than the average Mexican place in the area, but the quality is evident. I plan on returning soon and trying out some of the seafood dishes.

The Yelp reviews have been uniformly glowing:

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  1. I've reviewed La Fogata when it was in Bonita and recommend it. It is in a rowdy location now next to Ale Mary's. I'll stay away for a while as they came forward with a Groupon this morning, which creates short term chaos. Probably a good way to introduce this Bonita staple place to Fort Misery though.
    I'm a Chile Rellenos girl and think theirs are top notch, second only to Cantina Laredo.

    1. here's a half off LivingSocial deal that expires 5/10/2012 (the deal, not the coupon):

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        Thanks for correcting my error. I have a tendency to consider all of these deals groupons, much to the others distress, as I'm sure I am not alone. LMF