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May 5, 2012 06:34 PM

New source for Louisiana cooking items

I finally checked out the Fresh & Easy store that opened up a few months back on Silver Ave and although the store overall is nothing special, it turns out to be a great spot for a New Orleans ex-pat or anyone looking to cook up some NO dishes. Right next to the kosher foods, they have a little NOLA section that includes Cafe du Monde coffee and chickory, biegnet mix, Zatarain's mustard, file powder and various spice mixes, and most important for me, light red kidney beans (not Camelia brand, but just like them). You just can't make proper beans and rice with the red beans most stores carry.

Now, if they would stock some decent andouille sausage...

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  1. My F&E in Pleasanton has that little NOLA section too. They probably all have it. I bought 2 little jars of that mustard for 1.00 each, they were in the markdown section of the store, and still well within their expiration date. I like it! Over the past few months the Dublin Big Lots has been NOLA central, with probably 5 flavors of Zapp's chips, and lots of other packaged items. I found I liked the Voodoo chips best, hated the Crawtators. Cost Plus has Bruce's sweet potato pancake mix all the time, along with the beignet mix - at least the Dublin store does.

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        I've found tasso at Bryan's Meats at Laurel Village Shopping Center - but not recently. Give them a call at (415) 752-3430
        or try Golden Gate Meat Company at the Ferry Building
        (415) 983-7800

      2. also, you can buy those beans online -

        1. Cost Plus World Market has Louisiana food brands such as Zatarain, Cafe du Monde, Zapp's, Boscoli Olive Salad, Slap Ya Mama, and more. I've seen them at the Redwood City store.